Recommended Magazines for Music Fans

Recommended Magazines for Music Fans

Nowadays, people can access any information online. This also includes the information about music. As long as you have free access to the internet, you can find anything you like about your favorite music bands, songs, artists or even up to date information on upcoming albums or tours. If you still don’t know where to go, you can start reading these recommended magazines dedicated for music.

– Billboard
This online magazine has become the main player in the music industry. If you are a musician and want to become recognized by the music world, you have to be able to make your songs listed on the billboard chart. This music magazine was firstly published in 1984 but it became recognizable in the music industry in 1930s.

You will find such extensive chart data on the popular songs worldwide every week. This magazine, in general, is dedicated for pop music. Besides the music chart, you can also find up to date news on pop music songs, bands, artists and many more. You will also be able to enjoy recent videos as well as photos from your favorite artists on Billboard official website.
Lately, Billboard has been spreading its coverage by hosting the annual music awards and also various events on music industry.

– Entertainment Weekly
This magazine was firstly published in 1990. Up to now, this magazine is still considered as a relatively newcomer in the music reporting. The focus of this magazine is not only on music, but also in films, videos, books and TV. However, Entertainment Weekly has become one of the music magazines that are worth reading since it is accessed by reputable reviewers and writers.

In US, Entertainment Weekly is considered as the only mass market publication which provides the music lovers with printed edition every week. Furthermore, its online website has been able to become one of the top 10 websites for the most famous entertainment news. The main audience for this magazine is the entertainment fans. It has got more than one million readers who visit its official website every day.

– Rolling Stone
This magazine has become the pioneer in the rock music magazines. Up to now, this magazine has issued its broad coverage on the current major event in music industry. After being published in 1967, it has now become the online magazine for its readers.

These are three recommended magazines for the music lovers. If you want to know about popular song list, you can check from Billboard magazine. If you are huge fans of rock music, you can go for Rolling Stone.