Pitchfork The Trusted Online Music Magazine

Pitchfork: The Trusted Online Music Magazine

Where to get the reliable Online Music Magazine? Now it is not too far. The music lovers only need to tap one link and all the information could be accessed. One of the pioneer of the music magazine is Pitchfork. The information presented is always updated.

– The Latest News
The most wanted news from any music platform is the latest news. Even though one link could be clicked million times, it will eventually be replaced by the newest line ups. Luckily, Pitchfork could always get the readers satisfied by updating their content every hours. The discussion is led by neutral opinion, but also highlighted the main focus in nice way.
One of the most updated news is the gendered criticism directed towards Mitski after her recent performance on The Daily Show. There is also a good news for Distillers band that comes again with the first album Listen after 15 years of hiatus. On the other hand, Rihanna fans could meet their diva on Savage x Fenty Fashion Show. They better book the seat before it is too late.

Aside from the good news, Pitchfork also covers the news about singers or musicians crimes. Take one example from Nick Carter, the member of popular boy band in the past, Backstreet Boys. He got into headlien news after being charged with rape case. A trusted informant claims that this case won’t be prosecuted. Another news come from Jack White who announces his new concert film and Live EP.

– The Best Albums
For those who love arts and music, the most wanted information from the Online Music Magazine is the best album. Nowadays, it doesn’t really work that way. Those who love music could also get the updates for their alternative choice. For September 2018, the best album goes to Joey Purps Quarterthing. The best new track, however, has another winner. It is Julia Holter who beautifully sings I Shall Love 2.

Scrolling the page down, the readers could see different best albums for different genre. For Electronic Genre, Tirzahs Devotion brings up the game. From Pop R&B, The Internet with Hive Mind dominates the chart.

The latest information about music is beneficial for those who are working in music industry. Nowadays, it doesn’t always work that way. Anyone could get access to Online Music Magazine. Then they could also improve their knowledge about the music. Looking for trusted source? Click pitchfork!