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Magnetic Magazine – Best EDM Online Magazine

You may have encountered plenty of online music magazines out there. However, most of them are about the mainstream music genres. There is fewer number of online magazine focusing on EDM (Electronic Dance Music). If you are currently finding such magazine, why don’t you try the following best EDM online magazine?

Introducing Magnetic Magazine
The EDM online magazine you should know as a big fan of EDM is Magnetic Magazine. This magazine brings EDM culture to its websites, blogs, downloads, and house music. This online magazine was founded in 2011 by BPM publisher/founder named David Ireland along with the editor named Rob Simas.

Magnetic Magazine is an e-zine focusing on EDM that combines culture, social media, music, and style via a certain custom-designed and URL that is user-centered. This online music magazine delver goes deeply into the politics and notions of what this genre of music has become and also what is the next step to be done.

Magnetic Magazine is a seasoned voice within the electronic music that features journalists who have been involved since the beginning of this magazine. Also, this magazine involves fresh perspectives from various opinion leaders.

This online music magazine always write the music future in real-time. This magazine was created to document the future. The contributors of this online music magazine are always encouraged to observe, experience, report, and have a dialogue with the team of Magnetic.

The Website Tabs
As this is an online music magazine, you could only access it through a website. Therefore, after knowing brief information about Magnetic Magazine, now let’s see the tabs of this website to know what information we could expect from this magazine.

There are nine tabs that can find in the drop-down menu of the website. Those nine tabs are News, Music, DJS, Culture, Charts, Gear, Events, Shop, and Archive. In each of the tab, you could find the detailed and further information. Simply click the plus sign ( + ) to open the content of the tab.

To give you an example, the content of “Music” tab covers up-to-date news about the world’s music. Some of the news are Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Announces 10-Year Anniversary, Premier: Fluencee Says What He Can’t in Real Life, and Weedsday Playlist: Dope Magazine Co-Founder David Tran’s 5 Songs, and many more others.

This EDM online magazine is both complete and up-to-date. The news at the website is even updated in hours. Dare to check this online music magazine?