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Best US-Based Alternative Music Magazines

We always have the desire of updating our knowledge about the things we love, such as music. As fans of music, we need to know what is currently happening in music world. Therefore, we need to know the alternative music magazines from which we could get the music update. For you living in the US, here are some recommendations:

Yeti is a music journal based in the US. This music journal has been published without any certain frequency since the year of 2000. Every issue of this music journal delivers different long-read pieces and visual, including the wrap around covers that are produced by various artists for every edition, collages and posters, and also pieces of photojournalistic.

In addition to that, every issue of this music journal also includes the histories of certain musician or band, graphic art, and also comic art. Each issue of YETI is always completed with a compilation of CD containing the unreleased music whose genre are usually rock, indie, or blues.

Another recommendation of alternative music magazine is MAGNET. This music magazine has issued plenty of editions since 1993. This US-based magazine covers a wide range of genres that are non-mainstream. The music genres that you can expect to find in this magazine are avant-punk and psychedelic rock.

This magazine, in each of its issue, always aims for bringing up-and-coming music bands to the public. This music magazine has its original whose basis center in on experimental music. However, it later broadens out to wider coverage focusing on indie bands. However, the monthly issue of this magazine will still maintain a special section for improvised pieces of music.

This music magazine is deemed notable due to its utilization of incredible photography to make artist narratives. Besides, this music magazine is also well-known for its intention to always go extra by showcasing many new music bands before all of those bands are discovered by the mainstream press. While this magazine helps its readers to update their music knowledge, it also helps new bands to find its path in the music industry. The magazine’s issues in the past once had the coverage of Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth.

So, if you are looking for alternative music magazines, you know what to choose and where to go. Go visit YETI or MAGNET for having even broader knowledge and information about music in various genres and with many different styles.