The Role of Online Music Magazine Platform in Producing Musician's Identity Images

The Role of Online Music Magazine Platform in Producing Musician’s Identity Images

Media participates in educating us to know how we behave, what we need to think about, we feel, we believe and we want. The characteristics of media culture indeed provide forms of ideological domination and taste. Although quite new in human adventures, but people spend a lot of time listening to the radio, watching television, going to the movies, listening to music and reading magazines to newspapers. Media culture finally dominates daily life. It has been proven that the media is a very strong force of social control. And once again, when print music magazines fall, consciously or not, we have lost it a bit more, even though the form of a music magazine is still hopeful, because of the presence of online music magazine portals.

We are part of the information and media community that has developed rapidly in the era of information technology. Although print music magazines are falling, we are still a consumer and media society. Various types of new computers, new communication tools, the latest mobile technology, social media and various applications, shape our identity. When music magazines fall and go bankrupt, it seems that some circles of musicians are now well aware that the internet is not solely about technology, more than that, the internet is about relations between humans. The presence of social media has connected people to each other. Even this completely new reality of the day ultimately creates a new way. How can we as musicians continue to promote bands, introduce works and produce identity images?

The internet has multiplied new means to reach out directly to the intended audience. This phenomenon is happening, musicians record the band’s activities and campaign their thoughts, their musical ideas use social media tools that reach many people and are long-lasting. And with that breakthrough, they learn how to win the hearts of fans and the markets they aim at. Their marketing activities are a form of engagement and bonding with fans, not just about forcing to sell the music products they offer. This is a phenomenon that evaluates old rules, changes old ways and bridges new rules and new ways in their marketing practices. This is the right decision and strategy, because now we are in a message-rich era, an internet-driven world. If you want to get good attention, we have to multiply new media channels and forums to campaign information about bands, music products, merchandise and performances of live bands to the market.