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August 7, 2008


Streamwood Fest – Streamwwod, Illinois.

Follow up – Obos Style

ARRAARRA fans, and Streamwood Fest fans were treated to a surprise last weekend. As the sun set ARRA playing their regular set and the crowd gathering in front of the stage as they tend to do to capture all of the sounds of the classic rock that ARRA plays and dance along throughout the show.

While Super Ty’s vocals were on mark and the band sounded great, the surprise during the first set was Ronnie Platt – Lead Singer for Shooting Star, who decided to show up unannounced to enjoy the fest and the sounds of summer from his old band mates, ARRA. Prior to working with Shooting Star, Ron Platt was the lead singer of ARRA and when he was coaxed up on stage the crowd went wild. His rendition of “Any Way You Want It” the Journey cover that ARRA plays brought the crowd closer to pack up near the stage and with Tyler Holcumb’s vocal’s along with Kevin Conner brought the memory of chills to your spine as it did years ago when Ron graced the stage with ARRAARRA a few years ago.

With fireworks on and off the stage that night, fans rallied around servicemen that were in the crowd, as ARRA gave kudos to all serving our country, and Tyler sang a song for a soon to be deployed Marine that was enjoying the show along with his family and friends.

If you haven’t checked out the interview with ARRA in the last issue, and you want to learn some interesting things about the guys in the band, Kevin, Tyler, Rob, Jim, Steve and Kevin, look in the archives and check it out.

As the show ended, Ronnie Platt again came back up on stage and sang a duet style rendition of “Roll With The Changes” and also kicked Kevin Kreis off the keyboards for a solo showing the range and just another reason why Ron has moved up as lead for Shooting Star, I look forward to bringing you a story and interview with Ron and Van from Shooting Star in the next few weeks, in the meantime, if you want further information and where you can catch the next Shooting Star show please visit – And for future ARRA shows don’t forget to check out Rock on and see ya at the next fest!

Follow up – Obos Style
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