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May 15, 2008

The Stone Electric, Smash Fashion, Lightnin Woodcock Trio

By In The Streets JD

The Stone ElectricThursdays is “College Night” at most clubs in the valley and always a good time, but add in some great Rock-N-Roll bands and you have one helluva exciting night, with an incredible line up with some amazing bands.

Up first and all the way from Nashville is the bluesy rock band The Stone Electric. Consisting of vocalist Melanie Crow, guitarist Austin Crow, bassist Jason Hardin and, on the skins Chris McGuire.

As I mentioned this quartet play blues influenced rock. Melanie has more soul than Aretha Franklin and more power than Steve Mariot while she sings. Watching her puts the hair on the back of my neck at attention. Melanie is the real deal in an industry laden with cookie cutter pop princess who without their backing tracks are nothing more than puppets on strings doing what the puppeteer wants them to do.

The rhythm section is solid and confident and holds the band together as well as keeps them rolling along like a train with enough inertia to coast for days. Top notch players.

The Stone ElectricEnter Austin Crow the phenom guitarist who has been playing in bars since age 15. Austin plays with his heart on his sleeve. One can only assume that Austin was born with a silver guitar in his hands. His playing is fluent and exact like and artist with his brush on canvas.

The Stone Electric had the crowd out of their seats and cutting a rug on the dance floor to their infectious brand of Rock.

All together The Stone Electric is a primed and ready Rock and Roll machine set to step into the path laid down by greats like Zeppelin, Small Faces, and more recently Black Crows.

Expect a full length CD and more touring to round out 08 for them.

Up next was Smash Fashion. These guys were right off the cover of Creem Magazine! Playing a blended mix of rock in the likes of Cheap Trick, Bowie, an a splash of Beatles with a hint of Queen. Fun, energetic, audience attentive, these are all what Smash Fashion is about. Rodger Deering is the consummate host of the rock show. His engaging attributes puts him alongside a royal few in the rock scene today.

Jamie Patrick the bands lead guitar player reminds me of Mick Ronson. A force to be reckoned with. Bottom line Smash Fashion put on the type of rock show that’s been away for awhile and I for one am glad to see it back!

Last but not least was the always over the top Lightnin Woodcock Trio. With his flying V in hand and his Wolverine style chops Lightnin Bill charges the stage and immediately takes control of it as well as the crowd that is there. Playing a mix of Blues/Punk/Psychobilly this band has what it takes to entertain. With members from Miss Deringer and The Bourbon Saints how can this band not kick ass? Lightnin Bill is one of the most charismatic front men in LA right now. The songwriting is strong and the performance these 3 give is stronger. A tight rhythm section from Cody Cox on drums and Elvis Kennedy on bass allows Lightnin Bill to cut loose and channel the spirits of Howlin Wolf, Jimi Hendrix and a slew of other great guitarist.

You should be ashamed of yourself if you were not there to see this amazing show. You can make it up though by going and visiting these outstanding artist here…

Story by In The Streets JD
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