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February 21, 2008

Grainne Duffy :: Out Of The Dark

Independent Release
CD Review

By The Atomic Chaser

Grainne DuffyWhat a powerhouse of soul and inspiration mixed with desire and passion, Grainne Duffy takes you to the most inner depths of your soul that others artists wish they could do with their music. Her debut release, 'Out Of The Dark', is an amazing album. There is nothing superficial about it. There are layers and layers of meaning and emotion here. Janis would be proud. Joining Grainne on lead guitar and vocals is the Ronnie O Flynn on bass and drums of Sharon Shannon Band and Donal Lunny, Richard Nelson on lap and pedal steel and dobro, previously of the Van Morrison Band, John Mc Cullagh on piano and the very talented Paul Sherry on rhythm guitar. For a debut outing, Grainne Duffy sounds like a seasoned veteran who's been on the scene for some time. As evident as soon as the opening, "Each and Every Time" comes on and wins you over with its passion. Then you have, "Drivin' Me Crazy" and "Good Love Had to Die", that are blues gems that will touch your heart and soul. Duffy offers up a sensual and powerful rendition of the B.B. King classic, "The Thrill Is Gone". Duffy's singing, with phrasing and intonation in order is grounded in spontaneous passion. She seizes the songs of past blues legends and makes them her own, extending her laid back rapture to contemporary material as well. Her voice is unique, her style of playing original. Grainne Duffy sets the standards for modern blues and country female vocals. An artist that is true to her music and not afraid of the hard work and commitment it all involves. Grainne Duffy is the real deal.

Highly Recommended

Review by The Atomic Chaser
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