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September 14, 2006

ThundHerStruck :: You've Been Thundherstruck
Independent Release
CD Review

By The Atomic Chaser

ThundHerStruckTHUNDHERSTRUCK is the ULTIMATE All-Girl Tribute to AC/DC!!! These femme fatale serve up the badass attitude rock and roll of AC/DC that is hard hitting and 100% ball breaking!! Their debut release, 'You've Been ThundHerStruck', is how tribute albums should be done. Somewhere in Satan's kingdom, drink in hand, Bon Scott is smiling, and with the advent of this release, the horned king's bidding is done at last. ThundHerStruck is Dyna Shirasaki ("Bon Johnson") on
lead vocals, Tina Wood ("Angus") on lead guitar, Carin Toti ("Malcolm") on rhythm guitar, Andrea Zermeno ("Cliff") on bass and bringing the thunder, Stephanie Leigh ("The Rudd-Ster") on drums. One thing that I love about ThundHerStruck is the tight chemistry and the professionalism that they have. Compared with other tribute albums, ThundHerStruck is unique in that the band brings there on flavor to the songs. Just listen to Tina Wood and Dyna Shirasaki rip into "Shoot to Thrill" with venomous zeal, showcasing that when it comes to kicking out the jam, these ladies do it oh so well! Other AC/DC classics include: Thunderstruck", "Highway to Hell", and a killer rendition of "TNT" and my personal favorite AC/DC song, "Sin City".

Unlike most largely pointless and misguided corporate compilations thrown together by record execs, ThundHerStruck is genuine. If you ask me, 'You've Been ThundHerStruck', rocks like hell, a real kick in the teeth for a music industry long gone sour from top to bottom. I believe ThundHerStruck is the true heirs to the AC/DC throne. So it is written, so let it be done! To Dyna, Tina, Carin, Andrea and Stephanie, thank you for letting me get my ROCK ON! For those of you that haven’t yet experienced ThundHerStruck, get your hands on it, pop in your player and call all your friends in the neighborhood, let THE PARTY BEGIN!!! You can thank me later!

Review by The Atomic Chaser
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