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September 14, 2006

My Evolution
It’s All About M.E.

By Debra Stocker
Photo by Mike Cavanaugh

My EvolutionIn the two years MY EVOLUTION has been a band, they have amassed quite an impressive array of accomplishments to add to their resume and the buzz on this hot LA band is flying! Their incredible high-energy live show has allowed them to play every top club in LA including House Of Blues, The Avalon, The El Rey, Key Club, Troubadour, The Roxy, Viper Room and Dragonfly. They also wrote and recorded the theme songs to two Playboy TV shows, Jenna’s American Sex Star and the new Night Calls, as well as performed on Night Calls four times! They recently opened for Anthrax and won the crowd over with a heavy set that included a high powered cover of RATM’s Calm Like A Bomb. The band is excited about the upcoming release of their second CD and about the music video they recently shot for the first song from it, called You’re All Mine. The future looks bright for this up and coming band….very bright. Keep up with them if you can, on MySpace and definitely make it out to one of their amazing live shows before they blow up and can only be seen at a distance... in an arena... where they belong!

AAM: How long have you been together as a band, and who are the members of My Evolution?

Burgos: M.E. is M-Lo, Micah, McJunk and Me (had to be otherwise it would break up the whole “M” theme going on).

M-Lo: it’s 2 years now. Break out the cake and the cheap wine, Night Train preferably. (laughter)

AAM: On a musical level, who are your influences and how do you use those influences to create your sound?

M-Lo: We are very influenced by STP, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down and many other great bands!

Micah: Each of us has such different influences but they overlap a lot and we use that to create our unique sound.

My EvolutionAAM: What separates MY EVOLUTION from other rock bands that are out right now?

M-Lo: Hmmmm, distance??? Ha-ha, just kidding. I’d say it’s our renegade non-conformist attitude. We don’t try to fit in. We do our thing no matter what is happening or what anyone else thinks or does!

Micah: It’s the songs. We focus on writing great songs first and foremost. Then we rock those songs with a super high-energy stage show that includes plenty of extras to look at.

AAM: ME has made a BIG impact with their music on the club circuit here in L.A., Any chance you’ll be touring overseas?

M.E. There’s always a chance. I hear New Zealand is a nice place.

Micah: We’re waiting on a call from Asia

M-Lo: Who the band or the continent? (laughter)

AAM: What do you contribute your success too?

M-Lo: Hard ass work, determination and $5 Rainbow tickets (laughter).

Burgos: Constant promotion as well.

Micah: Once again I have to go back to the songs. Great songwriting is the core of it all... and our live show is a real event, not just a local band playing at a dive... we really make an effort to make each show special by having our own lights, dancers, guest appearances, etc. No two shows are ever the same.

AAM: What was it like to open for Anthrax?

Burgos: It was a great show. The Avalon is an outstanding venue. Our soundman had us rocking the walls down and hundreds of new faces got to experience M.E.

M-Lo: it was GREAT and an extreme challenge. We expected their fans to not like us but we went up there and f*#kin’ ROCKED and didn’t give the crowd a chance to not dig us. It was HIGH ENERGY from the word go and we’re very proud of the job we did!

Micah: Let’s not forget to give a huge thanks to Greg Siegel and Michelle Spell for putting us on the bill.

AAM: If you could pick any band or artist, who you would like to share the stage with?

Micah: System of a Down would be awesome but I’ll take Dukes of Biohazzard or Jethro Tool any day!!

Burgos: And Fall Out Boy George!!

M-Lo: Rage Against the Machine for sure! And Mos Def Leppard, Jars of Clay Aiken and Beastie Boys II Men!!!

AAM: Given a chance where would you like to perform and why?

Burgos: The Wiltern, I’ve seen several shows there and it’s my favorite venue in L.A.

M-Lo: I agree with the Wiltern and I’d love to rock a show on the roof somewhere in Hollywood renegade style.

Micah: It’s always been my dream to play Madison Square Garden... yes, I’m from NY.

AAM: Talk to us about your debut release, 'Getting Close To Something' and the fact that we’ve heard you’re already doing a follow-up C.D.

Micah: the last year of writing and playing live has allowed us to really hone in on our sound. Our new material is more focused, well thought-out and really shows our growth.

M-Lo: “Getting Close...” was a great experience but we’ve come a long way in a very short period of time. So we’ve taken 5 songs from it that we still perform, re-worked them and merged them with 5 new songs and we’ll put out the most KICK-ASS CD ever.

Burgos: Like the movie “Highlander”? (laughter)

AAM: On your website you ask your fans which is their favorite song off your debut album, “great promotional tool”, So which songs have the most votes so far? And why do you think like that is?

M-Lo: Little Miss Thing and Time Flies have the most votes and there’s one write in for “Cum on Eileen”.(Laugher)

Micah: We knew from the start “Time Flies” was going to be a big hit. It’s not your typical ballad, it’s T.B. “totally bitchin’” (cracking up)

Burgos: You might say it’s... timeless? (laughter) Both of those song really go over well live and that probably has a lot to do with the voting.

AAM: Where is your CD available?

M-Lo: It’s available online or at shows but it’s pretty much out of print and time to get the aforementioned new disk into people’s cars and iPods!!!

Burgos:, CD Baby, iTunes, and the trunk of a green 1978 Ford Pinto on the corner of Beverly Dr. and Olympic.

Micah: I think in Australia but you have to play it upside down. (laughter)

AAM: M.E. recently shot your first music video. Which song was the video for and what was it like, any memorable moments?

Burgos: “You’re All Mine” is the song we did and it was great experience making the video. The directors had a great vision, based on our live shows and the feel of the song and we picked the perfect lead girl! I’m positive everyone will be thoroughly impressed when they see it.

M-Lo: And it debuts 9/15 at the Knitting Factory (All Ages)!!! We worked with an amazing female directing duo named LADY RANSOM and it was an absolute pleasure working with them.

Micah: They were incredibly resourceful as we were working on a shoestring budget and the final product looks totally professional and... T.B. ‘totally bitchin’. (laughter)

AAM: You guys scored the theme song for Playboy's 'Jenna Jameson’s American Sex Star', how did that come about?

M-Lo: We also did the theme for Night Calls as well as the Jenna show on Playboy TV!!! It came through our friend Jef Hickey who called around to a number of bands on behalf of the shows producer Derek Harvie. We got right on it when we hung up the phone and made it happen!

Micah: We have the ability to record ourselves and work very quickly when we have a specific goal. So we were able to provide them with five versions within three days of being offered the opportunity.

Burgos: After landing the J.A.S.S. gig, they came to us for ‘Night Calls’. And can you believe Jef spells his name with only one ‘F’?? (laughter)

AAM: Any endorsements yet?

M-Lo: Those will come when the time is right. At this point we have an amazing relationship with Playboy TV and the girls on the shows like Jesse Jane, Kirsten Price, and Jenna Jameson. I can live with that until the free strings start pouring in.

Burgos: Durex keeps calling me but I won’t do it until they agree to let us write the music for the commercial.

Micah: I should have a cymbal endorsement since I break them at just about every rehearsal. Any Sabian reps out there? (crickets)

AAM: All Access Magazine congratulates My Evolution on their successful music career and thanks them for headlining our 2006 All Access Magazine Music Awards show hosted by the Knitting Factory, Saturday, Nov. 4th. What can our readers and your fans expect when they see your performance?

M-Lo: No, thank you guys. It’s an honor and we can’t wait to ROCK IT!!! People can expect to see an extremely high energy show with plenty of surprises.

Burgos: They can expect to see renegade rock and roll, lots of energy, sexy dancers and the most pale front-man in the business.

Micah: As I said before our show is always an event to be remembered. Did we mention high energy?? You’ll see a band that makes you think, “that band has what it takes.”

AAM: Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

M-Lo: You guys rock! Thanks for the add. (laughter) Thank you very much All Access for the chance to get our name out there to more fans of music.

Micah: We’d like to take this time to thank the people who’ve lent their support time and time again: Tracey Wiedeman, D.A.K., Kip Patrick, Melanie Evans, Murray, Nate Vizcarra, D.C. Tolliver, Jef Hickey, Derek Harvey, Daniel Williams-Goldberg, Nathan Nerland, James Hatter, Justin Mizer, Jenn Fong, Mike Cavanaugh, Frankie Carranza, the folks, Mizz Rose Pashayan, Shooby and Jay Schutte, James Austin for tattooing our band name on his arm and our loyal fans that come time and time again... and of course our families for their undying support.

AAM: Other then your website, MYEVOLUTIONMUSIC.COM and of course MYSPACE.COM/MYEVOLUTION is there any other way your fans can keep up with you?

M-Lo: yeah... hang out with us on Sunset Blvd., anyone have any extra $5 Rainbow tickets??

Burgos: Pick up a copy of All Access magazine!! And keep your ear to the ground... hell, like M-Lo said, just go to Sunset Blvd., I’m sure you’ll find us hanging out there.

Micah: We like to check out other bands and hang with cool people so say hello and have a drink with us when you see us around!!!

Story and Interview by Debra Stocker
Photo by Mike Cavanaugh
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