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May 25, 2006

Andy Timmons Band :: Resolution
Favored Nations 2006
CD Review

By The Atomic Chaser

Andy Timmons BandWith his latest release 'RESOLUTION' Andy Timmons holds his place as one of the most imaginative and inspired minds of his--or any--musical generation. Being a long time fan of Andy, from his work with DANGER DANGER, Andy never ceases to amaze me with his extraordinary passion for making music. The music on 'RESOLUTION' is fresh and creative while still maintaining his trademark sound from the past. Andy Timmons is easily one of the top five most versatile and technically gifted guitarists this country has produced. As is evident on guitar power movers like, "Deliver Us" and "Helipad". It sounds like Andy was going for the "band" feel on Resolution, with overdubs kept to a minimum. Frequently, the rhythm guitar is conspicuously absent, but a player like Andy Timmons can keep you sonically occupied nonetheless, and his rhythm section is top notch. It's too bad you can't find a whole band of first rate musicians like this here. If you actually appreciate Timmons's music on an emotional and/or intellectual level, then this is his most mature and accomplished outing to date. Listen to the haunting and memorable mover, "Gone (9/11/01)", a haunting yet inspiring song that Andy wrote on September 11, 2001, and the hidden bonus track "Headed For The Ditch," a showcase of chicken-fried guitar pickin'. It makes me feel very hopeful about what Andy Timmons will be doing in the future. Overall, 'RESOLUTION' is musical thrill ride that explodes from start to finish. Andy Timmons name should be mentioned in the same breath with those like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani. He's that good.

Review by The Atomic Chaser
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