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May 4 , 2006

Album Review of Hed P.E.’s Back 2 Base X
and Interview with Jared Gomes

By Laura Phillips

Hed P.E.Complex social injustices intertwined with revolution messages make Back 2 Base X a serious album that is laced with light-hearted humor to get the listener’s spirits back up. The first track “Listen” seduces the listener in to a trance before the wake-up call of, “You realize your life is flying by and you’re not ready to die…prepare to die for the war tomorrow…I know you want to take an eye for an eye, but pretty soon the whole world will be fine.” “Novus Ordos Clitorus” follows and combines hardcore punk with heavy metal with discussion of New World Order and outrage of situations such as, “They see us like cattle.” Broken relationships are represented in “Beware Do We Go” which has a diversion of thought and comic relief with the serious of a chorus of “I just want to make a difference, but I can’t seem to find my focus. Back 2 Base X concludes with “The Chosen One” that, “If you stand on the sidelines of this revolution than your choices might be made for you,” before the last line of, “Remember that you’re the chosen one” to make you feel special.

Back 2 Base X With Suburban Noize Record’s Hed P.E.

For Hip-Hop / Punk Hard-Core underground sensation Hed P.E. the third time is a charm with their platinum headed Suburban Noize Records debut Back 2 Base X that’s slated for release on 5-16-06 that has the chemistry to make them a household name. What could have jaded Hed P.E. towards the music industry has only served to make them stronger with increased determination and enhanced spirit despite being treated like a step-child by their previous two labels that just didn’t get it. Hed P.E has found a major Indie label new home that can relate to what they have to say without being offended by the band’s language or their refusal to bow down to corporate suits that idolize the safety net of pop/rock which they detest. Hed P.E. are fearless with expression when it comes to their band’s passionate interest in human rights that are complimented with intense thought provoking social messages executed with pure talent. Hed-P. E. are extremely similar to the popular underground band Hi Def and like Bob Marley incorporate social justice and sensational messages of peace into their lyrics.

Hed-P.E. expands smoothly beyond Hip-Hop/Punk Rock with reggae, metal, and even jazz fusion in their latest effort making for advanced instrumental variety enhanced with the incredible emotional delivery of front-man Jared Gomes (aka M. C. U. D.) who can make you think, bring you down to tears, and lift your spirits back up in a matter of minutes while predicting future incidents such as gas being nearly $4.00 dollars a gallon. Jared Gomes has a great band backing him up which consists of Mawk, bass; Moke (ex-Otep), drums; Jackson, guitar; and DJ Product, turntables, samples making for a unified unit that feeds off each other for creative strength enhanced with open minds.

Hed P.E. has four previous albums to their credit, starting with a self-titled debut album in 1997 on Jive Records that was followed by Broke in 2000 on the same label. Broke produced the hit rock single “Bartender” which would be followed by their smash hit title song on Blackout, their 2003 release on Koch Records, which was followed by Only in America in 2005. With four vital albums to their credit and playing Ozzfest along with touring with the likes of Korn, Static-X, System of a Down, P.O. D., Godsmack, and Slipknot most bands would feel like they have reached the state of major accomplishment nirvana. Not Hed P.E., they just getting started up again with reinvention surprises in store to celebrate their August 2005 signing with Suburban Noize Records that’s just the ticket for Hed P.E. to take both underground Hip-Hop/Punk fans and mainstream hard rock/metal fans by storm as Hed P.E will find renewed increased visibility and respect and a state of new order to be embraced.

Current international touring to Japan and Europe is taking along with a summer headlining tour with Suburban Noize Records label-mates Kottonmouth Kings. Hed P.E. hasn’t slowed down to sit back and admire their previous work or grieve about sour deals they received from their former labels who simply didn’t take the time and care enough to market Hed P.E. properly. Suburban Noize Records found gold when they quickly snatched Hed P.E. with an immediate signing response. Hed P.E.’s new label has planned a strategic aggressive marketing campaign with intensive touring plans along with actively promoting Hed-P.E.’s pre-release Suburban Noize’s debut Back 2 Base X. All Access Magazine received an advance copy right after Back 2 Base X was pressed and caught up with Hed P.E.’s front-man Jared Gomes upon his immediate arrival from their Japan tour. Exciting things are happening for Hed P.E., and there’s much to be said.

For further information on Hed P.E. and Suburban Noize Records go to and

AAM: Where did you come up with the name Hed P. E.?

Jared: Hed was taken from a song I had written entitled “heavy head”. It’s a song about how I tend to think about things obsessively, until my head is so heavy, I have to hold it in my hands, like “the thinker”. After we got signed, the P. E. was added for Planetary Evolution, or Planet Earth, which was pulled from some New Age books I was into at the time.

AAM: As a band Hed-P. E. has grown tremendously? Has your style or outlook changed in the past six years?

Jared: We have changed so much in the last six years. We are really feeling this punk vibration, and please don’t confuse that with the pop punk that has been a disease on the youth for the past few years. We have become a more diverse unit, embracing many different styles, and attempting to blend them. Six years ago, I was trying to figure myself out…oh that hasn’t changed!!! Six years ago I had this Gaylord at JIVE telling me to change my lyrics, and then not even caring when the album came out. Now, I’m surrounded by real people, who have an interest in furthering my career as an artist.

AAM: Your first label Jive Records proved to be a disappointment while your follow-up label deal with Koch didn't prove to be much better. Did these early negative experiences weaken Hed P. E. or simply serve to make you stronger?

Jared: Not to get all corny, but it is true, what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger. JIVE RECORDS was lame. The guy, who signed us at JIVE, took off to Universal, and we got left with some guy who didn’t even like our music. It was a disaster. JIVE did nothing to further our careers, and KOCH did less than nothing to promote our band. Many of our loyal fans don’t even know we put an album out on KOCH. It was completely under the radar. KOCH were like vultures, and JIVE were like a bunch of sissies... hahaha.

AAM: How is your new home at Suburban Noise Records? Have they met or exceeded your expectations?

Jared: SUBURBAN NOIZE RULES!!! Seriously!!!! We just got back from Europe and Japan, and it was all due to the homies at SUBNOIZE. These guys are for real. They’re not a bunch of suits trying to figure out what the youth is wanting…they are the youth!!!! It’s a lifestyle label, and they have something other labels can’t buy... CREDIBILITY!!!! KOTTONMOUTH started this label, and they have continued to grow and stay true to the streets!!! The suburban streets, not to be confused with Compton or some shit like that...

AAM: How do you perceive the current state of hip-hop in the industry and how does your music relate?

Jared: Well, I kind of live under a rock; but I will say I’m tired of hip hop lifting materialism above all else. I think platinum grills, spinning rims, and all that is a tool of the secret world government, in order to keep us enslaved. I’m into gangsta rap, but I’m torn, cuz I think it can have a negative effect on the youth.

AAM: What about the punk tone in your music; where that does that come from?

Jared: It comes from our love for hardcore. Right now, I’m feeling like punk is the heaviest thing you could play. Punk is a true form of heaviness, whereas, some of the metal, with the exception of hate breed, seems so Broadway. Also, all the pop punk disgusts me so much, that I had to provide some essentials.

AAM: Can you let the AAM readers in on what surprises and developments are in store on your debut Suburban Noize Records release Back 2 Base X?

Jared: It is a very musical joint. We combined soul, rock and roll, punk, metal, roots and hip hop. I took a break from the tongue in cheek sex raps, and introduced the listener to my take on The New World Order. We are very proud of this album, and I think people are going to love the vibe.

AAM: What is the distribution deal and marketing plan for your upcoming release, and where will it be available for purchase?

Jared: From the Atlantic to the Pacific, Japan, Europe, Australia, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Alpha Centuri, will all have a chance to buy this new joint.

AAM: What are your influences?


AAM: What advice would you give developing bands coming up that look up to you as an influence?

Jared: Don’t sign a contract before you read it. Don’t change your music for some Gaylord at the label. Don’t get too caught up in the ROCKSTAR bullshit. Don’t ever give up. Don’t believe the hype. Don’t follow the mainstream…it’s so fake!!!! Do write music from the heart. Do what feels right. Do believe in your dream. Do whatever it takes to play your music. DO BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!

AAM: What are your band's goals for the future and what have you learned from the past?

Jared: Hed P. E. is going to spread the truth throughout the globe. We have a goal to use this band as a tool to disseminate the secrets of life to the people of earth. We believe that anything is possible. The sky is the limit!!!! Hed P. E. plans to plant seeds from sea to shining sea. Can you spell GRAMMY!!! We have learned that anything is possible. That evil people can’t hold us back. Hed P. E. has learned that “you’re not the boss of me”, and “you’re not so big!!!” The past has taught us to take matters into our own hands, and not to depend on mfs to keep your thing going.

AAM: How would you sum up who Hed P. E. is and where you're going as a band?

Jared: We have learned that Hed P. E. is more than the people in the band. We are an extension of not only the people who listen to our music, but for the people who will listen to it in the future. We represent the blue collar, working class citizen, and we want to set an example, by never stopping. Showing everyone that no matter what their goals are, if there is a will, there is a way. Can you say GRAMMY!!!!! We are going to the highest heights!!!!

AAM: How does it feel as a band to suddenly having your popularity escalating so rapidly? Do you feel an increased self esteem and sense of responsibility?

Jared: It may seem as though we rose quickly, but behind the scenes you would discover individuals who have dedicated their entire lives to the pursuit of art/music.

AAM: What would you like AAM readers to remember about Hed P. E. and what message do you wish to deliver?

Jared: Hed P. E. does not affiliate itself with any genre of music, and holds no allegiance to any particular sound. We want simply to be known as a good band. We would like to point out that punk rock is the heaviest music in the world, and that is true heaviness.

AAM: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Jared: True heaviness has nothing to do with how low you tune your guitar, or how much your singer sounds like the Cookie Monster. As far as we are concerned, bands like RANCID, THE KOTTONMOUTH KINGS and SLIGHTLY STOOPID are heavy, and bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, are what we have come to call “fake heavy.” I mean, does anybody take them seriously??????

AAM: Where can music fans find out more about Hed P. E. and what special events do you have coming up that you wish to let our readers in on?

Jared: You can find info about Hed P. E. either by logging onto or We are going on a short headline tour around the states, and then we are going to go out there and kill it with The Kottonmouth Kings. After that we are hoping to be going on the road with our homies from SLIGHTLY STOOPID.

AAM: What would you like to say in closing?

Jared: Thanx for reading and listening. I will always try to bring it to you right between the eyes…or was that right between the thighs….anyway…..see you at the show…L8-jared

AAM: Jared thanks so much for getting back to me on the same day you came back from Japan. You’re awesome. I look forward to seeing your band perform. Keep in touch with All Access Magazine.

Story by Laura Phillips
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