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The Stone Electric :: Sexadelic Shakedown
Melanie Herrold Music
CD Review

By The Atomic Chaser and The Rocker

The Stone ElectricAre you ready for a sexadelic shakedown? If you are, read on and take note. Finally there is a band that will prove that rock n roll lives on. The band is called THE STONE ELECTRIC. It's increasingly rare to hear a new band that I actually get excited about. But The Stone Electric's 3-song EP, 'Sexadelic Shakedown' hit me like a bolt of lighting and sent shivers up and down my spine! A perfect fusion of rock and the blues that reaches down inside your soul and will shake your foundation. The two rock and roll souls that make up The Stone Electric are, Melanie Crow on lead vocals and bass and guitarist, Austin Crow. The chemistry and energy that these two gifted musician share jump right out at you once you hit play. The guitar driven rocker, "Tequila Mockingbird" kicks off your sexadelic shakedown experience in rocking fashion with Austin Crow's dynamic and energetic guitar work combined with the fiery passionate and soulful vocal delivery of Melanie Crow. Hands down, one of the best female singers I've heard this year. Her vocals reminded me of a cross between Beth Hart meets a female version of the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson (yeah, she's that good). As is evident on her vocals on the bluesy "Mercy Me", that are simply mesmerizing. The closing track, "Black Sunshine" will give your goose bumps and is a great example of how good this band really is. Austin Crow's guitar work on the track reminded me of one of my favorite guitar players, Steve Marriott. The Stone Electric is truly a back to basic's rock band and deserves the right to educate this generation of what a good rock and roll band is suppose to sound like. I for one, can't wait until The Stone Electric release their full length CD. But until then 'Sexadelic Shakedown' should suffice my cravings. If you like getting your rocks off to bands like The Beatles, Humble Pie, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin with a dose of Lenny Kravitz and The Black Crowes thrown in to spice things up, I guarantee you that The Stone Electric will get your rock off ten fold! If there is any musical taste left in America, Stone Electric is going to be HUGE! Trust me, if you are a rocker, you owe it to yourself to experience The Stone Electric's 'Sexadelic Shakedown'.

Story by The Atomic Chaser and The Rocker
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