Need Rock News Updates? Get Them From These 4 Online Magazines

Need Rock News Updates? Get Them From These 4 Online Magazines – Despite being so well known for having die-hard fans, Rock community remains secluded without a lot of daily exposure in mainstream media. Therefore, it’s not hard to imagine it easier to find reliable news on rock-exclusive sources just like these four:

• Rock Candy
Certain communities avoid commercial magazines because they care more about demographics or marketing strategies rather than the actual content quality. But don’t worry, you won’t have the need to hate Rock Candy, because this magazine is a true opposite of that!
Released every two months, this 100-page compilation is solely dedicated to the passion for rock like is established for avid online games players. Expect reviews, comparisons, and actual information about the greatest eras of rock!

• Mojo
What about a commercial magazine that actually caters to the quality that would be enjoyable to rock enthusiasts and the general public alike? Then there’s Mojo. The concept itself sticks to classic rock aesthetics since its very first issue – that one legendary issue with the 16-pages detailed cover story of Bob Dylan and John Lennon. As the founding director Paul Du Noyer would describe, Mojo has “the sensibilities of a fanzine and the design values of Vogue.” Currently, Mojo releases monthly printed issues and online articles on their website.

• Rock Sound
Rock Candy may be designed to be non-commercial, but it still has that selling bite within the contents. Rock sound, in comparison, will look more ‘underground’. The content itself ranges from the most metal rock to pop-funk. On rare occasions, there may be coverage on indie music as well. Though Rock Sound is produced and meant to be produced in UK, you can find them in US, Canada, and Australia.

Using the distorted power chord of electric guitars as its name, this magazine is as rock as on can wish it be. In fact, Kerrang! is an old player within the rock magazine world as it has been around since 1981 and still released every week until today. It also has a website, which can be considered old as well given that it was founded in 2001. Kerrang! has always been considered as a staple rock news source.

Need your rock daily feed? Rock Candy, Mojo, Rock Sound, and Kerrang! are here for you. However, note that some of these magazines are made to be non-commercial, which is may be the reason why you never really heard of them before. Fortunately, they have articles and/or subscription plans that can be accessed online.