Here are Rock Events and Festivals that are Canceled Due to Covid-19

Here are Rock Events and Festivals that are Canceled Due to Covid-19 – Coronavirus pandemic has affected all sectors today, including music industry. Annual music events have been planned and projected, yet we won’t be able to enjoy it anytime soon. Among many major events that are canceled, rock festivals are included in the long list. At least, you shouldn’t expect the following festivals to happen very soon.
– Fuji Rock Festival
This rock festival has been held for two decades with thousands of people are expected to attend. The festival commonly takes three days, and the stage should feature international and Japan star in this music industry, offering one of the most remarkable acts to watch.

Last year festival has 130,000 people attend, and even bigger number is expected for this year planning. Originally planned to be in Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata Perfecture, this festival has been officially canceled due to the pandemic. The official announcement went viral in Twitter, creating big disappointment in the crowd.

– NR20
Nova Rock 2020 has been the awaited event especially for Germany metalheads. This festival was reported to feature great musicians as those 3 Doors Down, Korn, and Weezer. Other fans may expected awesome performances from Amon Amarth and Judas Priest.

However Germany government has issued public activity limitation due to the pandemic, therefore such festival is no longer possible at least this year. Several official encouragement messages have been officially released by several rock bands the fans expected to see in the festival too. It may not be the same as winning a jackpot while playing online Sbobet in, but this message cure the disappointment a little bit.

– Rock USA
Being one of the most anticipated events in US, the cancellation of this festival is a big blow for everyone. This festival was supposed to be special by being in the 10th anniversary of the event. A number of great names in the field are mentioned to perform, but everything is finally canceled due to the pandemic.

For fans who already bought the ticket should receive credits. However, VIP seats, camping sites, as well as the tickets should remain valid for next year’s event.

In the bigger picture, all festivals and events are canceled for the same reason. Holding a large gathering is prohibited for now, but we should expect awesome schedule on the following year.