The winter storm brings Burning Rain over Los Angeles

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Burning Rain

Los Angeles band Burning Rain blew in to Busbys at Los Angeles on Dec 15, 2014. The venue is a sports bar which also has event parties and for filming. The band was originally schedule to perform at Chino yet was moved for scheduling reasons. The band which is Keith St. John on vocals, Doug Aldrich (Lion, Bad Moon Rising, Whitesnake, Hurricane, Dio) on guitars, Sean McNabb (Quiet Riot, Dokken) on bass and Matt Starr (Ace Frehely, Hookers & Blow, Bang Tango, Dubrow) on drums.

The band performed thirteen songs from their albums that have been re-issued on Frontiers Records with 2013 release of Epic Obsession. The songs they performed”, Montrose’s “Rock the Nations”, “My Lust Your Fate”. Also performed songs form the their earlier albums that are: ”The Cure”, “Judgement Day”, “Cherry Groove”, “Stone Cold N’ Crazy”, “Heaven’s Garden” “Cherry Groove” and “Pray Out Loud”.

Burning Rain

During the performance the pretty lady in the video for “My Lust Your Fate” from the current album was brought up on stage to dance. Other songs they performed covers of Whitesnake’s “Crying in the Rain”, Montrose’s “Rock Candy” and Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”. It was good night for both bands.

Opening the show was STONEBREED, which are being requested from other bands to open their shows as their fan base grows not just at Southern California but from other states and other countries.

Though the venue and crowd was small there an if the show started earlier there could have been extra songs from both bands. With comments from those at other states for Burning Rain to perform and more local shows.