Stevie J: “Limitless Blues Man”

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Stevie JSinger, songwriter and guitarist Stevie J. can relate to the history of the Blues and how it has impacted modern music. The son of a pastor, the Jackson, MS native has twenty-plus years of experience as a professional musician, beginning in Gospel and Southern Soul, and then adding Blues when an introduction to that music fueled a passion that focused him deeply in the Blues genre.

All Access recently interviewed Stevie J via email (he is currently performing on a three-month cruise at sea, which makes it virtually impossible for him to communicate by phone). Here’s how it went.

AAM: Would you best describe Stevie J. as a Blues man? Soul man? Something else? A bit of both?

Stevie J: The best description of Stevie J is a limitless Blues man. With the versatility and knowledge of the history of the Blues to take an audience on an historical musical journey of the Blues from the 1930s thru 2020. So many guys jump in the Blues world without studying the history. It takes more than guitar licks and a hat to be a true Blues man

AAM: You’re presently doing something so many working musicians wish they could do – that is, being paid to play on a cruise ship. What’s that gig like?Stevie J

Stevie J: The Soul At Sea Cruise is an awesome experience.  It gives me a chance to work with other talented musicians and singers, visit some wonderful islands, appreciate the creations of the creator and keep warm for the winter. A big thanks to the B.B. King corporate office for soliciting me to be a part of this venture.
AAM: Being Mississippi-based, you’re located in the virtual epicenter (and birthplace) of the Blues. What does that mean to you?
Stevie J: I appreciate the history of the Blues and I am honored to be from the same state as B.B. King, Junior Wells, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson etc. This for me means that it’s in my blood and is now my time to carry the torch and hold up the mantle. It’s exciting and rewarding because I love what I do.

AAM: How, and why, did you become a musician, in the first place?

Stevie J: I was in France doing the Cognac Blues Passions Fest and met some European musicians that couldn’t speak English but could play and sing the Blues (in English). That alone left an everlasting impression and caused a newfound respect and love for the music

AAM: If you weren’t a musician, do you have any idea what you might now be doing for a living?

Stevie J: I’ve been a professional musician since I was twenty years old. The only 9-5 job I’ve ever had was working in the production department at a television station. So no doubt if I wasn’t a professional musician, I would be in television production or master control.

Stevie J

AAM: How do you best get your name out there to not only the media, but the public at-large?

Stevie J: My method has been to keep making noise. Consistently put out great music and never let up, and book as many shows as I can. Then hire a powerhouse publicist like Doug Deutsch to expose it. A great team is a must!!! I asked God to lead me to my team and surround me with the right people to build the Stevie J. brand to greatness and I see it unfolding before my eyes. ..

AAM: What’s next  for Stevie J.?

Stevie J: New product coming soon and hopefully you can expect to see Stevie J. Blues on a festival or concert venue in your city. Our mission is to get the sound in the streets and to the public by all means necessary. I want my shows to be the town gathering. Every one come out and jam to da Blues and have a great time.

(Stevie J. is interviewed on “Faces of Success” radio show, Tuesday, December 23 at 4 PM ET/7 PM PT – listen live at www.blogtalkradio/facesofsuccess; also on “Live From The Midnight Circus” radio show, Tuesday, January 6 at 12 Noon ET/3PM PT – listen live at