American Addict, Featuring Instrumental Metal Guitarist Stephen Anthony Gregory

Playing Big Holiday Bash at Paladino’s with The Iron Maidens

American Addict

(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) – The San Fernando Valley will be rocking hard when American Addict takes the stage at Paladino’s on Saturday, December 20. Also appearing: Distorted Fate; Motobreat (Metallica tribute); and the “world’s only female tribute to Iron Maiden,” The Iron Maidens. Show Info:

American Addict features blazing instrumental metal guitarist Stephen Anthony Gregory, whose latest album Me Myself & I (Sword & Cross Records) has received rave reviews. NATIONAL ROCK REVIEW writes, “fans of intricate guitar work and technical metal will appreciate the debut release from this artist…Me, Myself & I is well worth listening to, whether you are a guitar player or just a fan of hard rock and metal.” METALLIVILLE raves, “amazing instrumental 4-tracker from a Thousand Oaks, Calif.-based dude who rocks and metals it out like Vai, Santriani, Mustaine and even Wylde at times all rolled into one and then some.” L.A. METAL MEDIA writes, “we were able to interview Stephen at his Paladin’s show in Tarzana, California as he unleashed his instrumental metal madness with his new band, American Addict.”

American Addict

In support of his debut solo EP “Me, Myself & I” available on CD through Sword & Cross Records, Stephen Anthony Gregory had spent the last couple years of his life refining and reinventing himself as a heavy-metal guitar player. “I had all this pent up energy that I was releasing into my guitar, writing new material and taking my music to new places but I had no band to jam with,” says Gregory. “I started playing out solo at some local venues here in Thousand Oaks and things just started to roll.”

Gregory brings a brand new post-millennium generation his latest guitar-inspired music. Produced, mixed and engineered by Andrew Haller whose work with International acts and producers such as Santana, Ozzy Osbourne, Toby Wright, Don Henley and Psydafect, among others spans over 20 years. “I couldn’t have made this record without Andy,” says Gregory. “The contribution of his vast musical experience and recording knowledge propelled me forward.”