ROAR by Twentydarkseven

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(Metalapolis Records)


You like hard-hitting rock music? Check. How about go for the throat vocals coming from someone who can actually sing? Check. Fully loaded guitar riffs and killer hooks? Check. From the pounding drums to the supercharged guitar work, Twentydarksven from Germany is just what the doctor ordered. The band is made up Marcus Jürgens – Vocals (ex-Pump, ex- Brainstorm), Peter Wagner – guitar (ex-Wicked Temptation, Piledriver), Alex Jansen – Bass (ex-Mennen, FOX) and Hans in ‘t Zandt – Drums (ex-Vengeance, Praying Mantis). The band’s debut release, ‘Roar’ is a balls to wall release that is loaded with tons attitude and swagger! From the opening track, “Do You Like The Dark”through a stunning military parade of guitar-crunching tunes, the best of which are, “Heart Of A Lion”, “So Damn Insane”, “Edge Of A Knife” and “Hard Times Coming”, that closes out the album with a bang! ‘Roar’ just doesn’t quit. This is a recording that doesn’t have to be played loud to be
loud (but don’t cheat yourself – play it loud anyway). The bottom line is, ‘Roar’ is a kick in the teeth hard rock album. It’s heavy, yet energetic without being too fast nor too slow. The songs move well , the writing talent is good and the band’s chemistry is as tight as a glove. If you love guitar driven, straight ahead in your face hard rock music , look no further Twentydarksven has what you crave in spades!!

Highly Recommended