The Sirens Interview

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The SirensFemale singers leading a male band or all female groups have been making music for decades, what is good is that these bands of symphonic metal or others call it gothic metal because of the look and dress from Europe have been gaining more notoriety at Asia, Latin America and the US despite limited air play but word of mouth with You Tube and internet radio. With lots of sacrifices and small or indie labels with major distribution are the diamonds of music that will last. Their music is well composed and the ladies are serious about their singing that is not limited on their vocal range.

Now three of the influential lady singers of this music form new group The Sirens: Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull (Leaves’ Eyes and Theater of Tragedy), Kari Ruelsåtten (The 3rd and Mortal) and Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering).

AllAccess Magazine (AAM) CN: Hi Kari, Anneke and Liv. Thanks for your time to answer some question about your new group.
Kari: Thank you! 🙂

Anneke: You are so welcome!
Liv: The pleasure is on our side!

AAM: Liv & Anneke, when you talked at the 2013 Master Of Rock festival at the Chzech Republic. Both of you have been wanted to sing together and form a new female group with two or three female singers?

Liv: True. I was lucky to meet Anneke at Masters of Rock (CZ) last summer. We had a few minutes only to talk in between our gigs, however, we agreed that we really should get together and tour together soon. We both had to smile then, thinking that we were, with Kari, the “originals” within our scene. Moreover, all three of us being mothers and still highly busy in music and art. Anneke told me that she had just talked to Kari…And that was the “go” for the “Sirens”! I am more than excited and happy to soon be practicing and sharing stage with my ladies! We are already putting together our live set list, preparing the program, so to speak. We met a while ago, the three of us for the first time, for an exclusive photo shoot in Stuttgart. I can’t wait to share stage with them – they are absolutely lovely and we have so much in common. Moreover, our gigs will be, too! Fans have been waiting for this for years and years. All three of us know that experience comes only with hard work and reflection upon your own standing point and progress. I am very proud to share stage with Kari and Anneke, as already mentioned, we have a lot in common! I hope we can hit the stages in Italy very soon, too.
Anneke: Yes indeed, we have known each other for a long time, but when we finally met we said we HAVE to do something together 🙂 And so we came up with the idea to create the Sirens.

AAM: To sing songs from your previous groups?

Anneke: Yes, we play songs for our previous bands, and from our recent solo albums. A great mix of classics and new music. We will sing songs together and on our own. It’s very exciting for both the audience as for us.
Liv: Concerning our live set list, a number of “pearls” summing up the past with our former bands will be included from all three of us, The Gathering, The 3rd and the mortal and Theatre Of Tragedy. I have included songs from my former band Theatre of Tragedy in my setlist at my solo shows for quite a while now and the audience is very happy about it. Nobody else, since Theatre of Tragedy doesn’t exist anymore, plays these songs live. That’s a pity.

AAM: When it was agreed you both asked Kari to join because she is an influenced to your singing?

Anneke: I wanted it to be a kind of supergroup like the great tenors for instance. Kari is also one of the first leading ladies in the doom and metal scene. I felt she belongs in this group. Each of us has a special sound to our music and voice, that is why it will such a special show.                                                                                                                               Liv: There is just no doubt about it that Anneke, Kari and myself are “the originals” in our genre. Looking back, I consider it to be highly interesting how each three of us were doing “her own thing” already back then. The 3rd and the Mortal, The Gathering and Theatre of Tragedy were all pioneers, each band being kind of different and individual, though. We all came into existence and grew individually despite the fact that we were pioneers within one brand new genre….and we are still going strong! Kari and I are both Norwegians, however we never met, until now. I know her work very well and I have been following her over the years. I am very happy that she is back!

AAM: Kari, did you wanted to be in a female trio?

Kari: Since I left The 3rd and the Mortal many years ago I have been a solo singer, and my solo project will be my main thing in future, but when I was introduced to the idea of the Sirens, singing live with such talented singers as Anneke and Liv – wow, you just have to go with it, you know.

AAM: When you were asked to join were you surprised and that the songs to be from your previous groups? That you are a influence to them for singing?

Kari: I was very glad to learn that they have once been inspired by my early work, it is very flattering, but also a bit surreal. The guys in The 3rd and the Mortal and I were just doing music that felt natural to us, we never thought that it would mean much to others – but it is really excellent that it did!

AAM: How many songs will be performed from each of you? And will you all be singing on stage at the same time?

Anneke: We will sing around 1,5 hours of music, we will sing lots of songs together, sometimes with 2 ladies, sometimes with 3 and some songs alone.
Liv: We will also play a handful of songs from our solo albums. I will play a few new songs from my up-coming solo-album Vervain” which will be released in October this year. We will sometimes do single appearances, sometimes two Sirens, and sometimes all three of us. I know that our fans have been waiting for this for quite a while – I can assure you this will be magic.

Kari: Each of us will do 6 songs and there will be some solo, some duets and some all three of us.

AAM: Maybe will you do some shows as headliners at Europe?

Liv: I would love to! I’ve heard some rumors…stay tuned for more news!
Kari: Yes, I think so, as far as I know the show in Pratteln in Switzerland we are headliners.
Anneke: Yes, we will go out in October and December. The dates are on our Facebook page:

AAM: Since you are performing songs from your previous groups, will rearrange them the music score or arrangement?

Kari: We will use Annekes band, so they will arrange the songs together with with us.
Anneke: A bit yes, to make it happen in one big setlist of all these different songs.
Liv: Speaking of the songs of Theatre of Tragedy the arrangements will stay original.

AAM: Any discussions that you will record an album together?

Anneke: We are thinking about it. Maybe a live album. Of course all of us have new albums coming out in the near future, so we are busy bees, but who knows!?
Kari: Right now we are really happy with the planned shows that we are soon about to start! We will go with this project as long as it gives us energy and we all feel positive about it – maybe it will end up in a studio album, we simply don’t know yet.
Liv: Recordings, at some point, will happen, yes. No doubt about that.

AAM: Liv, you have a new album to be released late October. Were you composing songs while on Leaves’ Eyes Symphonies of the night tour?

Liv: Correct, vervain will be released in October. Yes, even on the road I take my time to sit down and write vocal lines and lyrics.

AAM: Will this album music be your sound and not sound as Leaves’? And dose your sister Carmen sing on it as you did on the SAVN’s album?

Liv: Vervain is a back-to-the roots album. It’s is definitely heavier, more doom-oriented than my previous releases. It was Tosso who mainly composed it, together with Alex, who also produced it at our own Mastersound Studio. We are such a great team. When I told both of them that I had in mind to write compositions based on my “earlier” days, they loved it! Sometimes I think the two of them can read my mind! Carmen sang on “Symphonies of the Night”, the latest release of Leaves’ Eyes, but she is not singing on vervain. She will be having a baby these days!

AAM: Do you all plan to or like to do some shows at the United States?

Liv: I would absolutely love to!                                                                                                                                             Anneke: Of course, we LOVE the USA!!                                                                                                                                Kari: We would like to, definitely, it would be great, but right now there are no concrete plans.

AAM: And to perform on one of the music cruises at the US and / or Europe?

Liv: That would be perfect!
Anneke: Yes, I have been on the Prog Nation at Sea cruise and it was the most awesome thing ever! I would love to do that again sometime. The atmosphere, the music, the climate, It’s just perfect.

AAM: Thanks for your time and the fans will enjoy seeing you performing live and listening to you sing and more music form you.
It was a pleasure! Hope to see you soon at one of our gigs! Thank you for always supporting us! ~ Liv.
You bet! Thank you too! Hugs, Anneke
Thank you so much for the interview! All the best, Kari