Liv Kristine records her fifth solo album Vervain LivKristineVervain

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Liv KristineHer new and fifth album to be released on October 24 for Europe, October 27, for the UK and November 4 for USA and Canada on Napalm Records was produce by her husband Alexander Krull and Thorsten Bauer. The guest singers are: Doro Pesch and Michelle Darkness (End Of Green). The musicians on the album are: Thorsten Bauer (electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keys and programming), and Christopher Kutzer (cello). The album has ten songs and forty two minutes of music is not the Leaves’ Eyes sound you expect. The UK and Digipack release have three extra songs: “Unbreakable”, Love Decay” and Stronghold of Angels” which are either different mixes or demos.

She says from her interview for this album: “It is back to my own roots”; “it’s darker, heavier and doom inspired”. The songs on the album are the different love relations. “My Wilderness” and “Hunters” is about the animal inside of us, with connection to Mother Earth and the circle of life. “Love Decay” a passionate duet between Liv and Michelle Darkness (End of Green),” is about love between two humans that could not have happen or between human and vampire”. That can be transferred between longing vampires crave for love is the first video and single to be released this month.
The title track, “Vervain” is a faster tempo song. Liv explains: Vervain is an herb with purple or white flowers with spikes. It was called the “Tears of Isis” in ancient Egypt is mentioned in William Faulkner’s short story: “An Odor of Verbena”. It is scentless and associated with love, divine and other super natural forces. The song is about feeling and power yet it can hurt you. It is the vampire’s weakness, because physical contact will hurt them.

Doro duets on “Stronghold of Angels” a power ballad that both singers share lead vocals. “Lotus” is a slow piano and strings arraignment. She explains that the flower is a symbol of different meanings as for relationships, pure love and spiritual growth. The other songs are: “Two and a Heart”, “Creeper”, and “Oblivious”.

This album has right mix of quality of symphonic music arraignments and feel you expect from Liv and will not get tired of listening to.

Track list:
1) My Wilderness
2) Love Decay (feat: Michelle Darkness)
3) Vervain
4) Stronghold of Angels (feat: Doro)
5) Hunters
6) Lotus
7) Elucidation
8) Two and a Heart
9) Creeper
10) Oblivious
**On the European release the Digipack are three extra songs:
11) Love Decay”
12) Stronghold of Angels
13) Unbreakable