Amaranthe’s new Massive Addictive album

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Amaranthe’s new Massive Addictive albumGothenburg, Sweden’s, Pop Metal EDM group Amaranthe will release their third studio album Massive Addictive on Oct 15th (Japan), Oct 17th (Europe), Oct 20th (UK), Oct 21st (USA) on Spinefarm Records. Recorded at Hansen Studios at Ribe, Denmark, it was produce by the sound sorcerer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica,ect.).

The twelve tracks and forty minutes of music with heavy pulsing beats by Olof Morckon guitar and keyboards for melodic riffs, with a sturdy rhythm backbone of Morten Løwe Sørensen on drums and Johan Andreassen on bass with the booming low frequency assault. With a pop chorus sound with vocals by Elize Ryd and Jake E and with new screamer Hendrik Englund Wilhelmson. The album has a updated sound with contemporary influences. The band wanted to take a fresh approach to their songs.
The first song “Dynamite” sets the tone for the album with double bass drums beats, the EDM sound with the melodic riffs. The first single “Drop Dead Cynical” was released on September 9th.

The difference with this album is a few songs that are composed with keyboards with hard hitting melodies for the songs: “Massive Addictive”, “Digital World”,” An Ordinary Abnormality”, “Unreal”, and “Skyline”. While “True” is melodic hard tempo with enhancing the keyboards. The slower tempo songs are: “Over and Done”, “Trinity” and “Exhale” the last song on the album.

Overall this album shows the band is versatile with their music arraignments while not straying from their core sound..

They start their US tour at San Francisco, California on September 25 with Within Temptation. They will also be headlining US shows starting October and performing at Japan, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and many other countries!

Track List:
2- Drop Dead Cynical
4-Massive Addictive
5-Digital World
8-Over And Done
9-Danger Zone
11-An Ordinary Abnormality