Search for the Hidden Gem (2014 – vol# 7)

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Summer’s over and it’s time to get back into the mix.


Self titled
Style (Rock)

Barkeep, don’t go too far cuz I’m gonna need another to get through this.  I’m filing this under the “never ending jam session” category.  Hey wait a minute I better copyright that so VH1 doesn’t steal my idea.   Playing through the disc a few times I can hear musical ability but deficiencies in the song writing and the inability to stay on task and drive home the message makes songs flat out boring.  The vocalist can hold a note but desperately needs to step away from the same ol’boring Wonder Bread style.   A never ending jam session is great in the garage with your buddies drinking and getting stoned.  However on CD, and more importantly live in a club, is boring as hell.  My instinct tells me there’s gonna be quite a crowd outside smoking instead of inside drinking throwing up the horns.

Rating 1 ½ (Hey, where’d that bartender get to and has anyone seen my pack of smokes?)

I Love Rich

“Respect the Rich”
Style (Rock)

What I really dig about this CD is how the band has positioned themselves for the radio station request onslaught for a clean version to their soon to be smash hit “(You’re So Hot) I’m Gonna Fuck You With the Lights On.”  The catchy title aside, and to be honest the lyrics are catchy too, it’s the commercial merch aspect that’s jumping out at me, although the slogan may be a tad too much for a wife beater tank top but who cares.  I just know Casual Friday may never be the same.  Now, some would argue it’s too forthright or egotistical to include two tracks on an 8 song CD with the same song version, albeit one clean and one dirty.  I on the other hand say keep livin’ the dream rock star.  Seriously, why take up valuable recording cost, time, and space on the disc to lay down another completely original track when you’ve already got a bona fide hit?  It only takes one right?  How popular would W.A.S.P. had been if they had included a clean and dirty version of “Animal?”  Oh wait a minute, W.A.S.P got pretty popular back in the day without the need for a clean version of “Animal.”  And NIN’s, seriously, that one dirty song hasn’t helped their career.  Oh wait, radio stations around the country loved the song so much they went out of their way to butcher it so the station could play it, which of course did help NIN’s sell millions of singles and CD’s.  Huh, maybe there is something to keeping the song dirty and letting the masses (and radio) decide if the song is worth of attention.

Rating 1 ½ (leave the douche song dirty until it needs to be cleaned up)


Ascension (EP)
Style (Hardcore)

A 4 song EP that in spots I detect electronica undertones sitting just below the surface peeking out at the light for a short burst of vitamin D.  Primarily I hear progressive influence and possibly a little Yngwie, because if you say the band name out loud – Endvade – it sounds similar to Yngwie.  Parts of it musically I dig but as a complete piece I’m tossing this into the “making noise for the sake of making noise” pile.  Taking top prize for “The Most Annoying” aspect of the EP is the howler monkey vocals.  Since these songs will have an uphill battle given the genre I only hope only 4 songs were produced and there aren’t more like this hiding because the howler monkey vocals are terrible and about as musical as the grinding metal on metal sound my car brakes make.  Also annoying, and maybe I’m a tad too old school in that I like checking out the CD/Album jackets, but how about a little more effort choosing a readable font?  Maybe after weeks of grinding in the recording studio they just threw up their hands and said fuck it when it came to font design.  Never thought 30 years later I’d have a use for that Captain Magic secret decoder ring equipped with magnifying glass just to read something on a CD jacket.

Rating 1 (enough with the howler monkey)