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Love Sick Symphonies – Pt. 1-EP

Rock Paper PistolsThis past weekend I had my sunroof open on my drive to the country and was blasting the most recent offering from Singer/Songwriter Denny Scott’s ROCK PAPER PISTOLS, entitled Love Sick Symphonies (Pt.1). This is a hook laden EP with killer guitar riffs, catchy melodies and memorable lyrics.

In an era that has disillusioned me musically, this EP was exactly what I was looking for. The type of music you blast in your car because it feels like summer time, movie soundtracks and in your face anthems all rolled into one.
Denny Scott is no stranger to music, having been signed to several labels with his twin brother Kenny and having success with their music on the top 40 charts he has continued to hone his skills over the years and release well-crafted music that speaks for itself.

My favorite tracks are “Thief” a heavy hitter with pop sensibilities reminiscent of Scott’s late 90’s project Swirl 360 and the romantic balled “Love Sick Storms,” laced with symphonic strings and delicious piano it surly paints the storybook kind of love everyone wishes for.

Music is the life blood that keeps me going and with tunes like this, RPP is set to deliver this infectious medicine for years to come. I am hooked. Check out Denny online or pick up a copy of the EP on iTunes, you won’t regret it.