SUNS OF STONE by Suns Of Stone

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Independent Release

Suns Of Stone

The self titled debut release by Canada’s Suns Of Stone is a rowdy package of hard driving riffs, right off the mark, throw in a few screeching breaks, a couple laid back soulful tunes, combined with concise vocals and you have something unique. Suns Of Stone are, Alan Charlton on vocals, Andrew Erlandson on bass, Jimmy King on guitars and Alex Scott on drums. Suns Of Stone serve up stomping rock music with a swagger and natural approach that other bands would die for, and spend much time trying to emulate with little success. The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Faces, Chuck Berry, early Aersomith. It’s full of tight, fiery spurts of boogie-rock, the likes of which had not been heard on a major record since the mid-70’s. They wear their influences on their sleeve with pride. The first two tracks of the disc, “Hold On Me” and “Rise Up” are rock ‘n’ roll romps. Just fun, unabrashed fury, and easily singable lyrics. “Stormbringer”, “Another Dollar” and “Talking To Me” are a perfect blend of rock and country driven by pure talent from all angles of the band. The album softens a little with the laid back, “A Little More”, a strong track that’s very beautiful and surreal. “Down The Road”, “Sun Don’t Shine”, “For Some Reason” and “Piece Of Mind” runs straight back into the hard rock vein, with pumping drums and guitars throughout. Suns Of Stone is group with promise, if these guys can keep it together they will go far. A very tight band for sure.

Highly Recommended