Smokin’ Hot Blues & Barbecues

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By Jennifer Nicholas

Destenee Photo by Diane Whitworth

The sun was already searing it’s way across the High Desert. What better way to spend a hot summer day, then with some cool tunes and times. Tucked into a hot dusty corner of the Victorville Fairgrounds, kid-friendly attractions like water rollers, magicians, and “Big Al,” the festival’s alligator mascot, drew families in. Shimmering like an oasis in this desert, rows of polished classic and custom cars and bikes rose up. From muscle, station wagons, low riders, Harley Davidson’s, even a massive monster truck. Enough to tease the car buff is us all to come out and play. Booths surrounded the Car & Bike show and lined the venue. Full of adventures in eating, drinking, and shopping, all the while leading you down the merry path to the main stage. Pull up a seat and witness the diverse and gifted group of performers lined up. Drink that cold beer or freshly squeezed lemonade, rock those blue sunglasses or that cupcake print neck cooler that you just could not pass up. Dig in and decide, which grill master’s BBQ is both mouthwatering and award winning.

Barbecue wasn’t the only thing sizzling Sunday at the High Desert Music Festival & BBQ Showdown. Ray Brooks and the Blues Masters served up some hot, smoky, sticky sweet Blues. From the time they started setting up, until their final sound check, people kept calling out, “Ray!” The benches that had already filled up in anticipation of the performance, quickly became a bit crowded. As Ray began to riff and sing, the flavor of that sound drew more and more in. Everybody wanted a taste. Chairs lined the back, and behind them, other attendees stood or swayed in time. Couples danced, heads bobbed, and fans quickly turned into paparazzi, snapping shots and videos. With an infectious and delicious delivery, Ray Brooks and the Blues Masters cooked up the best set of the day. One that had us smiling and tapping our toes, even on day so hot, we almost had the blues.

Destenee Photo by Diane Whitworth