Jason Mraz’s- “YES!”

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By Jennifer Nicholas

Just checked out Jason Mraz’s new album “Yes!”. After listening to the 14 tracks twice, all I wanna say is “NO.” like Grumpy Cat. It’s got a weird faux hippie, sappy, stripped down, disconnected mess of a vibe I just don’t get. (Perhaps because I’m not a hipster?) In many of the songs the back up singer(s) is(are) queued up so loudly at odd times it sounds like a duet, and it’s distracting. “Love Someone,” and “3 Things” are okay, but sound like they belong on some rom-com’s soundtrack. He attempted a cover of  the Old School classic hit, “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday,” and while I really wanted to like it, it just made me cringe. Sorry, but when you set yourself up against a Boyz II Men favorite, the comparisons are gonna fly, and knock you on your lyrical ass. The only decent song is “A World With You.” Even though the lyrics are rife with cliches, it is performed well, and sounds like a sincere song about love and taking chances. The album overall just felt contrived and boring. Glad you went on some kind of musical journey Mr. Mraz, but not all of us want to go there, so just send us a postcard instead, with “A World With You” on it. Bon Voyage.