Edge of Paradise rocks July 4th weekend

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Edge of ParadiseOver the three day holiday up and coming local band Edge of Paradise came together during 2011 per formed at thirty minute and rocking set at Hollywood Viper Room. For their new album Immortal Waltz and EP Perfect Shade of Black. Produce by music veterans Michael Wagener and Bob Kulick.

The band performed four songs from both that were: “Perfect Shade Of Black”, “Breakaway”, “Ghost” Rise For the Fallen” and “In A Dream”. Also they performed songs from their debut album Mask: “Crash Crash Burn”, Throw It All Away” and Motley Crue’s “Saints Of Los Angeles”.

Edge of Paradise

Though it was a short set the band give their all and Margarita Monet vocals always on cue. Dave Bates (guitar), Nick Ericson (bass), John Chominsky (drums) didn’t let the small stage hamper their performance. The small crowd got into their music and energy wanting them perform more songs.

Edge of Paradise

Of the many local bands from Southern California, they are one of the fresh sounding bands with professionalism. The band has performed at other Southern California’s venues. Every time they performed they always get good reaction from the audience and ask to come back to perform. They have played on East Coast and Hawaii where they receive good reviews. The band has the tools and is ready to tour across the globe and perform with other male and female bands at small and small venues including festivals.