Danny Bryant To Front Walter Trout Band On Upcoming U.S./Canadian Tour

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Danny Bryant To Front Walter Trout BandOne of this Summer’s most anticipated Blues tours is “A Tribute To Walter” featuring the Walter Trout Band fronted by U.K. guitar ace (and Trout protégé’) Danny Bryant, along with special guest Jon Trout (Walter’s son) on guitar. Walter Trout will not be performing during this tour as he recuperates from a recent liver transplant.

Danny Bryant’s special relationship with Walter is well-documented. When then-fifteen-year-old Danny Bryant sent a fan letter to Trout almost twenty years ago after discovering Walter’s music in his parents record collection, he surprisingly received a phone call one evening out of the blue from his idol. Thus began a special mentor-ship and unique bond that would change the course of Danny’s life forever. Trout has mentored Danny ever since, offering wisdom and advice freely. From the early days of afternoon guitar lessons during Walter’s relentless UK tours, to numerous support slots, recording sessions and sensational jams at major international festivals, the Walter Trout-Danny Bryant relationship is truly special.

All Access Magazine Publisher Debra Stocker interviewed Bryant (DB) recently.

AAM: How did it come to pass that you got to front the Walter Trout Band for this upcoming U.S./Canadian tour?

DB: Walter is recovering from his recent liver transplant and unable to tour. Marie and Walter came up with the idea of bringing me over to the States to front his band; this would keep the band on the road and in work and at the same help to launch me in the U.S. Walter and Marie saw it as a win-win situation. It is incredible that even in their hard circumstances, they are still thinking of those around them!

AAM: Have you ever toured in the U.S. before? If not, what are you expecting it to be like?

DB: This will be my first tour of the States. I can’t wait to see the country and meet people, but once you are on stage it is much the same the world over. It you are playing for 100 people or ,1000, you lose yourself in the music. It is going to be an incredible experience though, we have a lot of long journey and are traveling from one side of the country to the next. So I think I will see a lot!

AAM: From (your) U.K. perspective, what is the overall impression of the current state of the music scene here in the U.S.?

Danny Bryant To Front Walter Trout Band
DB: I think it is a little different to Europe. I get the impression that in the US you have a lot more access to the Blues scene.

AAM: As Walter Trout once mentored you, you’re now doing the same for Walter’s son, Jon. What kind of experience has this been like for you?

DB: It is a great experience and very strange for me as Walter’s biggest fan! Jon is a lovely guy and we have a real connection. I can’t wait to tour and spend some time with him. I feel like I will be paying Walter back in some way in mentoring Jon.

AAM: What’s your road-map to future fame and fortune in the music business look like?

DB: This is a tricky question! There certainly is no road map. Hard work and dedication is the key, you have to see where that takes you. Having goals and working at them is incredibly important. Having a good team of people around you is very important also. Whether that be family, friends or business associates. You need people who understand your lifestyle just as much as those who work well with you in business. Fortune is a hard thing to chase, I’m very happy that I can make a living doing what I do!

AAM: For someone who has never experienced it, describe what it’s like touring on the road, away for long stretches of time from family, loved ones, etc.?

Danny Bryant To Front Walter Trout Band DB: The road is bitter/sweet. You are out there doing what you are made for, but equally it is a sacrifice or normal life. But it is an addictive way of life.

AAM: Parting thoughts to our readership (anything goes 🙂

DB: Keep the blues alive! Acoustic blues, blues rock, blues jazz etc…. there is a ‘blues’ out there for everyone!

(“A Tribute To Walter Trout” featuring Danny Bryant plus special guest Jon Trout kick off their U.S./Canadian tour with 2 SoCal area shows: Thursday, July 31 at Sainte Rocke in Hermosa Beach; and Friday, August 1 at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano).