CALIFORNIA BREED by California Breed

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Frontier Records


When news broke about California Breed, I was stoked with anticipation! The band is a power trio of epic proportions that features “The Voice Of Rock” Glenn Hughes on bass and vocals, veteran drummer Jason Bonham and the astoundingly talented 23-year-old singer-guitarist Andrew Watt. The band’s self titled debut is produced by Dave Cobb, whose worked with Rival Sons. All 12 tracks on the album have equal co-writing credits amongst the members. All of which are great. “My Way” kicks off the album like a punch in the jaw! The intensity in Glenn’s vocals are fiery with a swagger that just floored me, as it will you. The rest of the tracks are mid-paced rockers. Other tracks guaranteed to satisfy are “Sweet Tea”, a heavy, riff-based mover powered by Andrew Watt’s ballsy guitar work and the powerful combination of the Bonham and Hughes rhythm section working to nail the song to the floor. “Chemical Rain”, “All Falls Down”, “The Grey” and “Invisible”.

California Breed are tight powerful unit and fit together just as smoothly as whiskey and soda, sounding as if they’ve been playing together for years, and although the performances are tight, the songs sound loose and comfortable, as if they were done live in the studio in one or two takes. California Breed’s debut showcases the talents of these amazing artists, and the combination of these three talents makes for one