Search for the Hidden Gem (2014 – vol#6)

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GoTeam USA!!!

The Sixth Chamber

“Crippled Souls”
Style (Psychedelic / Indie)

I don’t know if the other five chambers were any better or already trademarked but I do know the sixth chamber isn’t something to write home about. Maybe I’m being too harsh with the assessment that this music was written for the sole purpose of going nowhere and wasting time. It my ears this sounds like someone either found their parents old four track buried and dusty in the garage or the local pawn shop was having a big big sale and this is what caught their eye. The production is mixed low and muddy nostalgically reminding me of how crappy my early 4trk recordings sounded. For my two cents the muddy quality is a forced flavor overly saturating the already dark, morbid and slow rhythm these guys are pushing. In some instances this is what I imagine King Diamond / Merciful Fate would sound like if I slowed the record down to below 16rpm’s. Maybe if I alter the speed on my CD player and speed it up this will sound better? If this would have been released during the psychedelic 60’s maybe it would have found some ears but in 2014 this is a loss leader, and I’m not sure where or what it’s leading to.

Rating ½ (only because I like King Diamond)

Piqued jacks

“Just a Machine”
Style (Indie / Rock)

An EP from four dudes originally from Italy but according to their website currently based in Austin. The opening track “Welcome to the Future” has a killer vibe, quick tempo, and really sounds like a crowd pleaser live. When I think of a band sounding “indie with energy” this is the kind of stuff I think of. Its uniqueness and uptempo pulse is refreshing to hear. I dig all four of these guys musicianship and am in no way separating one from the pack when I say I really dig the bass lines played by Littleladle (Francesco Bini). If I ever was a bass player I’d want to play like this guy.

Rating 3 (only because it’s an EP. Now I want the full CD)

Under Aspect

“The Things You Should Not See”
Style (Hardcore / Metal)

I can’t vouch for the “seeing” part of the CD title but this is definitely dead on the money for something we shouldn’t hear. My take away from this CD is that it’s a hardcore attempt at a concept type album with too much Linkin Park influence. I really am so over the hardcore mixture of sung vocals and howler monkey screaming that now in 2014 is already so out dated and out of touch it’s comical. When is the next music genre going to come along to push the Linkin Park sound off the cliff like grunge did to glam? The song beat and rhythms aren’t bad but because the vocal portion is so damn annoying and not very good to begin with I’m gonna add this to the piñata so it can be dealt with properly over the weekend.

Rating 1 (only for the music)