Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger To Rock Molly Malone’s

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Richie OnoriIn L.A. This Friday, June 27

Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger
(Cover Photo by Deja Cross)

(Los Angeles, Calif.) – Acclaimed veteran rock musician Richie Onori unleashes his new band, Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger, with a headlining show at Molly Malone’s, 575 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, Friday, June 27. Showtime 11: 40 p.m. $10. Purchase tickets in advance:

Richie OnoriOnori steps out from behind his drum kit and is front person on guitar and lead vocals for Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger, which was ten years in the making. The group includes guitarist Phil Woodard (Sahara); bassist Marvin Sperling (previously played with Onori and famed keyboardist Keith Emerson in the group Aliens); keyboardist Stevie Stewart (who also plays in Sweet with Onori); drummer Paul Maselli (Dread Zeppelin); and backing vocalist, Aina O’Kane. The live show includes a preview of Richies’ Rock-Theater project In The Name Of Freedom, also the title of his recently-released album. Catch Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger in concert at the Arcadia Blues Club on Friday, July 25.

Critics Praise In The Name Of Freedom/Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger

“Revolutionary…An exceptionally powerful collection”

“…the rawness of Jimi Hendrix mixed with some modern-day blues of Joe Bonamassa.”

“…modern, rich and vibrant. The Great American Anthem Album of 2014!”

Richie OnoriOnori Guitar Straps Announces New “Cowless” Line, Signs Worldwide Distribution Deal With U.S. Music Corp

Richie’s guitar strap company Onori Guitar Straps has introduced Cowless™ – a brand-new line of leather-free guitar straps – and has signed an international deal with major distributor U.S. Music Corporation, which will be shipping Onori products worldwide on July 15.

SWEET Summer News

Richie Onori is a member of the multi-platinum group Sweet, which is signing with a new major booking agency and is ramping up for summer dates alongside Boston, Cheap Trick and Ted Nugent.

Wine Cellar Studio News

Recording at Wine Cellar Studios (co-owned by Richie Onori and Dave Jenkins) this month, with Jenkins producing: The Todd Griffin Project – formerly of Geffen Records – with Mitch Perry on guitar, John “J.T.” Thomas on keys, Jürgen Carlson on bass, and Larry Mitchell on drums; Servet Fidan – solo artist, finishing mixing with producer Dave Jenkins – along with special guest, Dilana.

Richie Onori

Richie Onori Departs From Heaven & Earth

After years of partnering with Stuart Smith in the group Heaven & Earth and more recently completing drumming duties and co-writing on the highly-touted album Dig, Richie Onori has ended his association with the band. Onori left H&E for a multitude of reasons but is very content with departing the band on a high note. Dig was primarily recorded at aforementioned Wine Cellar Studios, owned by Dave Jenkins and Onori.


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June 23, 2014