Michael Schenker Group Bridge the Gap tour rolls to Southern California

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Michael Schenker GroupOn February 12, 2014, the influential and legend axe slinger with his trade mark Dean Flying V guitars and with his mates: Wayne Findlay (Rhythm Guitar, keyboards and vocals), Pete Homes (Drums), returning on Bass the energize man Rev Jones(Bass Guitar, keyboards and vocals) and new singer and longtime friend Doogie White (ex-Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen and Cornerstone). On supporting the new Bridge the Gap album performed to a packed House of Blues on mild night.

Michael Schenker Group

Of course Michael is where all eyes are focused on him, Rev is just as animated and moving so much on stage with Wayne and Doogie’s energy also kept the energy electric. The ninety minute of songs performed for this tour are from the new album and always Scorpions and UFO classics such as: “E Tone”,” Neptune Rising” “Where The Wild Winds Blow” and “Horizons, “Crying For The Nation”,” Assault Attack”, “Lights Out”, “Shoot Shoot”, “Another Piece Of Meat”, “Doctor Doctor”, “ Another Piece Of Meat, “Only You Can Rock Me” and “Rock Bottom.” Doogie tributes Ronnie James Dio for the influence he did for rock and metal music and with this song “Cry For The Nation”. There could have been much more music from his collection to play.

He interacts with the front row with handshakes and teasing them to touch his guitar. Moving on to different areas of the stage though his left side is his place.

When the show is about to end Michael gets a point a shoot camera to take photos of the audience from the venues.

Michael Schenker Group

There were three bands that open the show that started with local band GunDriver a good rock band. Then S.U.N. ( Something Unto Nothing) that features Sass Jordan, Brian Tichy on guitar though known for his drum playing with various bands (White Snake, Guns N Roses and others), Michael ‘Denim’ Devin on Bass, Tommy Stewart, on drums are good mix of rock and blues sound. Then blues and rock guitarist Gary Hoey who performed alone with the band music played through PA system who I reference to Gary Moore, Jeff Beck and many others that are influential to guitar playing. He is currently working on Lita Ford’s new album.

Michael Schenker Group

Over all it was good mix of music from the artists and that kept the energy flowing.