Judge Jackson

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Judge JacksonAs I sat with my fingers on the keys preparing to write a review on the band Judge Jackson, I thought what could I say, what could I write about this band that hasn’t already been said?

Judge Jackson performed at the AV Fair (Antelope Valley fair), the event titled “Thunder On The Lot”. It was the 20th Anniversary for the event that was held this past Saturday June 7th & Sunday June 8th.. Thunder on the Lot raised 3.6 million of the nearly $4 million dollars raised for the kids charities in the Antelope Valley. While Thunder on The Lot supports over 25 children’s charities each year, and the funds go directly to supporting the kids of Antelope Valley. But much of the success is attributed to the collective efforts of many AV Harley Davidson employees, numerous local businesses, hundreds of volunteers and a supportive community!

That being said, I knew why Judge Jackson was making their second appearance for 2 years in a row, back by popular request. Because when it comes to children’s charities, you can always count on Judge Jackson to help out.

I sat quietly in as much shade as I could find, and watched from set up to set down this very professional, very talented band command the stage with their presence.
What can I say about this solid rock band that has toured from coast to coast, even Canada. Their loyal fan base that even in triple digit numbers with sweat pouring from their brow, dancing and singing with Todd McTavish/vocals because they knew every word!

Not one, not two but 5 albums under their belt, Judge Jackson performed hits from all their albums. Even Lee Jackson/guitar did a rendition of Red House. I believe this was the 1st time I saw Lee take the lead on vocals, nice job Lee!

Brian “Chewy” James/ Bass also took the lead with a cover tune, Tush by ZZ Top. Great job Chewy- loved it! But a very last minute change had to be made, as the band’s drummer J.J. Garcia couldn’t make it. Missed you J.J. but know your fill in, Shawn Duncan did an excellent job, hope to see you soon!

So what can I say about this award winning band, that even in scorching temperatures, a last minute drummer change that had to be made, the Judge rose to the occasion once more! But not before finishing their set with my fav, and by the looks of it the fans fav. A number one hit, from the bands awarding winning album One Diamond song title “King” brought everyone to their feet. What else can be said, what else can be written….

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