First Aid Kit Stay Gold

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First Aid Kit Stay GoldThe Swedish duo sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg from Stockholm, started writing folk sounding music during 2007 while teenagers. First Aid Kit release their third studio album and their Columbia Records debut with the album Stay Gold with 10 tracks and 38 minutes of fresh folk- pop sounding of the 60’s and early 70’s released on June 10.

Usually a music artist’s first album sets the foundation for their follow up albums. This is their foundation album. The duo also enlisted The Omaha Symphony Orchestra to play on the record, with arrangements by Nate Walcott (Bright Eyes, Broken Bells, Rilo Kiley). The sister’s vocals are smooth. The album is not over powering on the electric instruments yet has the sound and lyrics compared to the genre mix such as: Simon & Garfunkle Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Mumford and Sons and the Civil Wars. That tells stories of people, events and cities where these songs are inspired from.

The first track and single and video of “My Silver Lining” with good blend of strings, percussion and keyboards with good tempo is a ear catching with arraignment you hear in Western movies. Listen to “The Waitress” and the lyrics (“I could move to a small town and become a waitress. Say my name was Stacy and I was figuring things out. See my baby, he left me. And I don’t feel like staying here tonight”). “Master Pretender” is a moving arraignment though lyrics give opposite like “I always knew that I was young. But with a head held high and a shotgun I could fool almost anyone”.
All the songs are composed good and easy to listen and relax to. This album is recommended and listen to their previous albums. This is the gold album with more to come.

Track Listing:

  1. My Silver Lining
  2. Master Pretender
  3. Stay Gold
  4. Cedar Lane
  5. Shattered & Hollow
  6. The Bell
  7. Waitress Song
  8. Fleeting One
  9. Heaven Knows
  10. A Long Time Ago