In Case You Were (Never) Wondering What NEVERWONDER Is Up To…!

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All Access is always happy to receive press information from L.A. modern rock band, NEVERWONDER. We have personally known the Ramos Brothers (Vincent and Andres) way back since their days with Exploiting Eve, and for our money, they are one of the hardest-working, most professional bands in the L.A. indie rock scene.
NEVERWONDER was a “Hot 100 Artist of 2013” selection from Music Connection (“Neverwonder’s strength resides in a special blend of rock and soul…(new singer Alima) Soul contributes more than just great vocals…(drummer Andres) Ramos shifts between metal, rock, and funk styles with ease…the rock and rap mash-up of “Wild Out” is a crowd favorite and a good finale for the band who are at their peak performance here.”). Additionally, bassist Vincent Ramos was recently selected an “Ace of Bass” by Rockwired Radio station. SoCal residents can catch NEVERWONDER live on July 11 and July 25 at Anqi Bistro in Costa Mesa, where the group has a Summer 2014 residency.

All Access Publisher Debra Stocker (AAM) just completed an ‘update interview’ with NEVERWONDER band members Alima Soul (AS), Vincent Ramos (VR), and Andres Ramos (AR).

AAM: So what’s the latest news with Neverwonder?

VR: Well we have been playing all over the state, writing new music and locking down our shows and getting musically very tight as a band… Crazy fun!

AR: Neverwonder has been writing new songs and playing shows locally and out of town.

AAM:  What’s Neverwonder’s fast-track plan to success in the music business”?

AS: Create music we love, share it, perform ?in regional areas for exposure and continue to build our fan base.  Also to create opportunities by licensing or song placement to also get the music out in the world.  Always work to expand social media exposure through refreshing and keeping content through our media outlets.  Most of all, have fun and continue to create new music to keep the music evolving and lasting.

VR: For me there is no fast track plan, it’s hard work and needs to be worked on every day. But the things we need to hit hard are our website, social media, write some great songs, play with some great bands… and also do the PR we need to get the name out there.

AR: Create more buzz online and around Los Angeles, promote the band, write new
songs, record and release, play locally and out of state.

AAM: Neverwonder performs at many Rock n Roll Marathon events all over the U.S. What are those like?

AS: They are a great way to travel to different cities and perform at local venues, all at the same time. The events are full of energy and we have rocked out on big and small stages where interacting with runners and the audience can be priceless.    ?

VR: We love to play these shows big crowds, lots of fans and playing out of town. Gets the band tight, and we get a lot closer as band members, which is also good. Best of all is seeing people like our music that have never heard or seen us, which in turn, makes us feel good and reaffirms that we are going in the right direction…

Andres: It’s always fun to play in venues and cities that none of us are from. It’s nice when you get a good response from music fans that never heard or even seen before.

AAM: What hobbies occupy the band member’s time when they’re not playing music?

AS: I like playing volleyball and hitting the outdoors, biking, hiking, running.

VR: Sports playing and watching (World Cup fever!!), working out, family and friends, going to live shows major events and local gigs, and movies of all kinds. I also like to study any kinds of music styles so to help with our writing, and learning new ways to do stuff.

AR: Working out, Las Vegas,  going out to concerts and checking out local music, hang with friends and family.

AAM: When can we look forward to the next Neverwonder album? Will it have any musical surprises?

AS: We are planning for the end of the year or, early next year, for the next album.  We will see about music surprises.?

VR: We are in the (new album) writing process now, and it feels really good. Some song parts have been tracked mostly drum stuff at this time. Sounding good! The new Vibe is great with Alima… A lot of great energy and hooks…we have used keys, rappers, cello’s, piano, lots of guitars and a lot of percussion in our past songs, so expect some more of that. We have new stuff we are working on, so we hope you like it. Dates will be some time next year. The sooner the better – and then we really crack up the PR machine to get these new some out to the world!

AR: We have some songs that we have recorded and some we will be recording I would say end of the year or early next year for a full length album.

AAM: If you had children, would you stand behind their decision if they chose to become a musician?

AS: Yes, it is a tough life but can be a highly rewarding career.  I would support what makes them truly happy and fulfilled.

AR: Yes, for sure! My parents were very supportive of music when I was starting as a kid. I would definitely help and push them to excel and to be the best they could be and to learn all aspects of the music business not only playing an instrument and/or

VR: Oh heck yes I would support that for sure, but that will be their choice to play music and I will be there for them. Whatever they need I will support. But I don’t want to be that crazy stage dad. But maybe I will be :). I would be able give some advice on the music business.

AAM: Final parting shot (anything that’s on your mind to share here)?

AS: Being in a band and doing music takes a lot of heart and dedication but, at the end of the day, doing what I love is the driving force to create great music and connect with audience of all walks.  Looking forward to rest of this year and the next ?ventures for Neverwonder. So world…watch out!

VR: Thank you for the support for the band and always working with us! Please check out our Website and of course our social media pages like Facebook pages, Twitter and everything else under the sun. And don’t forget our ITunes site, where you can get all our songs at. Thank you again! And remember: Music is tough but worth every second you are doing it! So have fun with it!

AR: Stay the course…

(Neverwonder performs at Anqi Bistro in Costa Mesa on Friday, July 11 and Friday, July 25).