British pop group The Feeling release their new album Boy Cried Wolf

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The FeelingThe five member band returns after 3 year break on following up 2011’s album Together We Were Made. Their new album: Boy Cried Wolf on RED/BMG. They were a BRIT award nominated English pop band that are: Dan Gillespie-Sells (Vocals), Richard Jones (Bass), Kevin Jeremiah (Guitar), Ciaran Jeremiah (Keyboards) and Paul Stewart (drums). Their limited 2005 single “Fill My Little World” followed by “Sewn” which was #7 on the UK singles charts followed by their 2006 debut album “Twelve Stops and Home” 2008’s second album Join With Us going to # 1 on the UK charts.

The new album has eleven songs with the pop progressive, new wave sound of ‘80’s and ‘70’s soft rock sound with orchestra pop and melodies. The songs of emotions, heartache and attitude start with the opening song “Blue Murder” saying broken hearts are not new and dreams that don’t become real to “Anchor” which is saying: I am not going to support you so we go our own way. The first single “Rescue” is song with beats you can stomp your feet and clap too. “The Gloves Are Off” (“One touch and you hit the floor /It isn’t matter of opinion) and “You’ll See” both are with message of attitudes towards each other and “Rescue” to be at the persons side while they are in pain and / or lonely. We all have been through and still go through those emotions and places of happy, sad and discomfort.

Overall the music and lyrics are good that can be played on Adult oriented, pop and progressive 70’ & 80’s radio format.

Track lists:

  1. Blue Murder
  2. Anchor
  3. Rescue
  4. Falling Like Rain
  5. A Lost Home
  6. Hides In Your Heart
  7. The Gloves Are Off
  8. You’ll See
  9. Empty Restaurant
  10. When I look Above