Saving Abel at Hard Times Bar & Cue

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Saving AbelFredericksburg, VA
May 3, 2014

Armed with new Vocalist – Scotty Austin and new Drummer – Steven Pulley, Saving Abel took the stage and rocked the hell out of Fredericksburg.

Beginning the night with “New Tattoo”, “Contagious”, and “Mystify”.  Austin greets the crowd asking “What’s goin’ on tonight?”, “You’re keeping Rock & Roll alive!”, “Thank you for coming out and partying with us”, “I’m just gonna shut my mouth and fuckin’ sing”.  This is my first time seeing them since the departure of Jared Weeks and I have to say Scotty Austin has the chops to be an excellent front man with his voice of pure grit and his very expressive face.  He pulls the crowd in with the first song and keeps them prisoner for the rest of the night.

Next up is “Stupid Girl”.  Austin tells the crowd “I can’t believe how many hot ass women you have in this state, fellas, you’re some lucky bastards”, “When we’re done up here, we’re coming out there to get drunk with you guys”

The next song “Love like Suicide” is a new single recorded with Austin and Pulley.  This show was the only the second time playing that song.  Afterwards, Austin tells the crowd “We’re southern boys and we like playing for southern people”.

The next 2 songs played were “Hell of A Ride” and “You Make Me Sick”, followed by a song that Austin says speaks to his heart ,”The Sex Is Good”.

Austin and the remaining members of Saving Abel, Jason Null, Scott Bartlett, Eric Taylor, and Scott Pulley take the time to thank the members of the military that are present in the audience and they ask the service members to raise their hands and ask the audience to give them a hand.  Since the inception of this band, past and present members have always made a significant effort to support our nation’s military members by dedicating their songs “18 Days” and “Miss America” to them and by playing for them in many overseas installations as well as at home for example on June 21st of this year they are playing in “Operation Rockfest”, where 21 different bands will be playing to benefit the troops.

“Miss America” was the next song, followed by “Bringing down the Giant”.  Austin says, “I’m just a jack ass with a microphone” and goes on to introduce the other members of the band and stopping to tell the crowd that drummer Scott Pulley was born deaf but thanks to surgical innovations has had the hearing restored partially in one ear.   He says “You can do anything you want in this country as long as you don’t believe the people who say you can’t”.

They finished up the night with “Mississippi Moonshine”, “18 Days”, “Addicted”, and “Drowning Face Down”.

In my opinion, take it for what you want; I think the addition of Austin as the front man was brilliant.  He has the personality to command the audience from the first minute to the last.  They also took the time after their show to sign autographs, take pictures, and shake hands with the audience.  That’s an experience you won’t get in the larger venues.  I think they are well on their way to reinventing themselves and the band is gaining the love of fans all over.  I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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PS – Mr. Austin I told you that you didn’t have anything to worry about when I wrote this review!

Review by: Melissa Gibson

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