Like A Storm at Hard Times Bar & Cue

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Like A Storm

Fredericksburg, VA
May 3, 2014

Warm spring night, cold beer, and great Rock & Roll.  What more could you ask for?  I admit I hadn’t caught wind of this literal Band of Brothers until a couple of months ago.  But from what I understand they have been taking North America by storm (pardon the pun) for at least 5 years.

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, the trio brought their hard, soulful sound to North America and I’m glad they did.  They got their touring start by going on the road opening for Creed on the Full Circle Reunion Tour.  Since then they’ve shared stages with bands such as Korn, Shinedown, and tonight Saving Abel.

Beginning their show with Chris Brooks playing “End of the Beginning” on the didgeridoo they moved into “Chemical Infatuation”.  Chris greets the crowd and says “It’s so fucking good to be back in Virginia”.  The next few songs they played were “Never Surrender”, “Just Save Me”, and “Alone” during which they engaged the crowd by getting them to clap their hands and to sing along with them.  Chris told the crowd “Virginia!  Make some fucking noise!”  He went on to tell us that the drummer had only had 1 rehearsal and 2 shows with them, that’s it.  That guy was playing like a champ.  He didn’t miss a beat.  Next up was the rock version of Coolio’s “Gangstas Paradise”.  After which, Chris said “Virginia, let me hear you!” of course the crowd screams and he says “You’re pretty fucking loud!”  The last 2 songs of the night are “Enemy”, and “Love the Way You Hate Me”, which has spent 5+ weeks as the number 1 song on Sirius’s Octane Channel.  At the end of the set, Chris tells the crowd “Virginia, you guys are fucking awesome!  We should stay here for the rest of the tour!”  With that they let the crowd know that they would be over at their merchandise stand after their set and to come over and meet them.

These guys put on such a great show!  They’re multi-talented and they interact so well with the fans.  Their sound is awesome to listen to and you can relate to the lyrics. I think by playing the didgeridoo on stage, they not only pay homage to their homeland but put a unique twist in their music that you don’t get from other bands.

You can tell they really appreciate all of the support that they’re given by the fans, not only do they show that during their show but afterwards as well by taking time to shake hands, take pictures, and sign autographs for all the people that lined up to meet them.   We had the opportunity to speak with Cliff & jenny Dodson from Caroline County, Virginia.  They’ve been to 5 of their shows already!  They agree that the band members are very personable and seem to really care about the fans enjoying the show.  They’re hoping for more fans to come see the band and they hopefully play larger venues in the future.

I also wish these guys much success.   They’re certainly working their butts off to get there playing the smaller venues when in all honesty they could be selling out larger ones.  If you get a chance look them up on Facebook  , Twitter, and at  They’re CD’s are available on ITunes as well, I stopped in and snagged two of them myself.  My favorite so far is the entire “Chaos Theory Part 1” CD.  Give them a listen; you’ll be glad you did.

On a side note, as I write this review, their newest single,  “Love the Way You Hate Me” has entered the Billboard US Active Rock Charts, landing at #39, for now.  They’re the first band from New Zealand to ever land on the charts.  This is an incredible testament for a band with no record label that works to achieve their dreams and is building their fan base and proving that you can achieve anything with hard work and dedication.  Congratulations Guys!

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