Guitarist Stephen Anthony Gregory Rocks Out On New Album “Me, Myself & I”

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Stephen Anthony GregoryWe here at All Access Magazine are always looking for new and exciting acts to write about in the magazine, so we were excited when a publicist friend of the magazine recently turned us onto a very talented solo guitarist by the name of Stephen Anthony Gregory. The Thousand Oaks, Calif-based musician recently released a new album (“Me, Myself & I”) that rocks hard! Longtime L.A. radio personality Alan K. Lohr (a/k/a/ Buddhaman of “Buddhaman’s International Experience” renown) stated, “this is one talented dude and I’m very happy to have had him play live on my radio show!”.
Gregory will be co-hosting a weekly Monday Night Band Jam along with radio station at rock club Paladino’s in Reseda starting June 2. All Access Publisher

Debra Stocker (AAM) recently interviewed Gregory (SAG). Here’s how it went.

AAM: So you’re out there rockin’ the solo guitar, which takes a lot of guts. How/when did you decide to perform solo?

SAG: Well, It started with me setting out to create a resume in order to be able to put myself out there for larger projects, but by the time I was done recording, I had already gotten out and played the Whiskey A-Go-Go in West Hollywood as well as other local venues and making open mic night appearances.

AAM: In your music we hear Joe Satriani, some Yngwie, and other cool influences. Who do you count as your main music influences through the years?

SAG: So many through the years, from Jimmy Page to Randy Rhodes. There were  many amazing bands as I was growing up like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Michael Schenker, The Scorpions and later on bands like Rush, Queensryche and Dream Theater. They all opened my eyes and ears to many different musical sounds and styles.

AAM: You’re also just released a new album, “Me, Myself, & I.” Discuss the creative process that led to the completion of this album?

SAG: Though it started as a resume it was important to me that each song still had meaning even though there were no lyrics. About that same time I was travelling with my family, tracing my great grandfather’s roots back to a town called Avila in San Louis Obispo, CA. My journey became a spiritual one steeped in history and music. So  the two began to flow together creating a back story for the album. I really threw myself into all aspects of the music – by that I mean, not only did I write and play the lead pieces of each song, but I also developed and played the rhythm backtracks for myself as well. Then, during the shoot for the album cover, we got creative and placed additional shots of me in the background as framed art. So with all that, the title Me ,Myself and I  just came to mind.

AAM: As a working musician, what’s the most important aspects of your career that you strive to improve on a regular basis?

SAG: I once heard Carlos Santana say that he likes ‘to take his fingers for walk at least a four hours each day.’ I also try to maintain a steady discipline so I guess I’d have to say my playing.

AAM: You will be hosting a weekly Jam Session at Paladino’s every Monday starting June 2. Any special surprises up your sleeve for this?

SAG: Of course, also there may be some special guest appearances but you’re gonna have to come and see for yourselves.
One thing I will share with you is that co-hosting along with me will be Nikki Z the lead singer of my new band, American Addict.

AAM: What’s been your best L.A. gig to date, and why? Worst gig, and why?

SAG: I’d have to say that to date my best gig would have to be when I got to be one of the opening acts for Blue Oyster Cult at the Canyon Club In Agoura Hills this past January. It was a packed house!
Worst gig? I’m a entertainer putting on a show, not just some guy playing his guitar. So whether it’s for 25 people or 5,000 I’m gonna rock the house and have fun doing it.

AAM: Where can people go to find out more about Stephen Anthony Gregory (website, Facebook, etc.)?

SAG: Website –
Facebook –
Reverbnation –
I’m currently holding the #4 spot on where you can go to listen to or download free tracks.