Search for the Hidden Gem (2014 – vol# 4)

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Happy Easter!!!

Pretty Little Demons

Style (Indie)

A six song CD from some youngsters I dig for its quirky honest approach and spunk. I’m givin’ big props to their rendition of Hole’s “Violet” and Tom Waits “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up.” The four originals on he CD are raw and organic exhibiting a certain indie punk like nature and maybe a little country influence creeping in. What I really dig is the way the producer just let the girls be themselves and their energy and personality really comes through. Excellent job!! I look forward to hearing more music in the future from this duo.

Rating 3 (what’s not to love about Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree)

Magnus Sorensen & The Captains, Inc.

“Love in a Mixtape”
Style (Pop / Rock / Indie)

This is not as bad as I was expecting. Sorensen is a Swedish musician and rare in my book in that he’s tapped into an American sound and does a fairly OK job with it. He’s not breaking new musical ground by any means but these are vastly better than some Nordic musicians I’ve received CD’s from attempting an Americanized sound style. The studio production is a little weak and given some time and money I feel a stronger CD would have been produced but it’s not terrible. The songs have a friendly vibe with some catchiness and at points sounds like I’ve heard them a hundred times on KLOS. The CD artwork I got with the promotional copy is a little kiddish for my taste and would fit better with the alternative (MCR) crowd then the style of classic rock (Tom Petty’ish) song writing this exhibits.

Rating 2

Another Lost Year

“Better Days”
Style (Rock / Alternative)

I know I’m sometimes a gluten for punishment with the variety of CD’s I listen too, and honestly I do at times enjoy the diversity, but there are so many times I get tired of swinging a hammer and smashing my thumb instead of hitting the nail on the head. Another Lost Year, really, this is what you want out there in 2013? Seriously, these are the 11 tracks you’re planning to force feed the four people stuck in the bar who are unable to leave because they’re working? When you’re outside your home base of North Carolina and there are no more friends to musically burden these pathetically boring songs to and no one is in the club buying drinks from the two bartenders, one waitress, and sound guy, I hope you recognize what a huge waste of time, and burden, this has been. There’s a lot more to playing music and writing songs then listening to a Three Doors Down or Creed CD over and over again thinking you can do that. The digital age has its pros and cons and this CD is a great example of a con – just because you can record music doesn’t mean you should. I’ve heard half-hearted attempts at song writing and playing music before but this isn’t even a half. I now discredit Nikki Sixx’s Sixx Sense radio show.

Rating 0 (why bother heading back to the drawing board – just stop)