Celtic Woman’s new lady singer Máiread Carlin

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Today I had a brief conversation on the phone with International #1 selling world music group Celtic Woman’s new lady singer Máiread Carlin who is from Derry or others call Londonderry area of Northern Ireland. Who joined the group during 2013 for their European tour and on the 2014 Emerald: A Musical Gems US tour.Photo credit: Lili ForbergLeft to right: Lynn Hilary, Susan McFadden, Mairead Carlin, Mairead Nesbitt


Craig Newman All Access Magazine (AAM): Hi Mairead, how are you?

MC: I am doing well and loving the weather here.

AAM: Yes it is nice though we need the rain

MC: I have heard of the drought

AAM: We need drenching here

AAM: Regarding this tour it is more interactive?

MC: Yes, that David Downes he wants from us to be more engaged with the audience

AAM: And the Celtic dancer back?

MC: Yes. We got two of them and are just phenomenal

AAM: And Anthony on bagpipes returns and during the show walks from the back of the venue?

MC: Yes, and when I saw that I just cried because is so emotional

AAM: Are there new songs for the show?

MC: We perform new songs to keep the audience minds stimulated

AAM: Dose the set list change for each show and change depending on time length?

MC: No, the set list is the same and length of time of the show is same

AAM: Who decides to sing which songs?

MC: David Downes decides who will sing which songs and we get emails from him for our input. So is a collaborative effort

AAM: Now Lynn Hillary has come back to replace Lisa Lambe for the rest of the tour?

MC: Yes, Lynn is back for part of the tour as Lisa went back home for couple of month

AAM: Lynn fit back seamless taking over?

MC: Yes, she was at our Nashville rehearsals for three days and just is wonderful to perform with

AAM: Your first album is released or going to be soon?

MC: (Laughter) No, it has been put on hold since I joined Celtic Woman and the music is more of a lonely sound

AAM: The group is traveling for 10 months of the year and a break while recording for a new album and dvd’s. For this tour will there is a break where you all can rest?

MC: There will be a few weeks off than back to touring and other projects that are in the pipeline is all I know

AAM: The CW fans will be happy for that and thank you for your time

MC: Thanks and for your support. Bye.