Media Response Is Soaring For “Morose Tales From The Left Coast” By Sky King

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Sky King (l to r) Garth Farkas; Larry “Fuzzy” Knight; Walter Morosko.

“This is not one of those albums you have to listen to ten times for it to hit and stick. Right at Track One “Poor House” I knew I would be in no hurry to enjoy this album. I was glued.  Every song seems to have been calculated to deliver the listener to the scene of the song. These guys are the real deal. Highly recommended.”      Jim Shelley/VINTAGE ROCK

“Larry ‘Fuzzy’ Knight brings his classic rock/blues/soul amalgam to this all-original project. The songs here have grit, reality, heart, and good intentions. Lead vocalist/guitarist Walter Morosko is a fine wordsmith, and, better than most, uses his raspy tenor to depict various aspects of the human condition. An ambitious and refreshing taste on blues-based rock.”     Eric Harabadian/MUSIC CONNECTION

“The music of Southern California-based trio Sky King definitely qualifies as an old-school romp through the blues. Vocalist Walter Morosko leads the way, and his band mates – guitarist Garth Farkas and bassist Larry ‘Fuzzy’ Knight – give him the support he needs to weave an audio painting of soul-drenched R&B the way it used to be. “Forever” and “Alone” will astonish you with their dazzling musicianship.”Chuck DauphIn/MUSIC NEWS NASHVILLE

“Take three storytellers who have lived to the fullest expressing their take on life from the business side of the stage, and you have the vibe that sets the pace for this release from Sky King. This is not an album that carries any weight of pretentiousness to it, but rather one of honesty and integrity. A serious album with passion and heartfelt emotion.”  Dave Ball/NATIONAL ROCK REVIEW

“Bad to the bone group bringing the bar room blues sound back to the masses, with deep meaningful lyrics and a well-balanced sound. Each track is a testament to the vision of a world gone mad, from the trials of a destitute soul in the song “Poor House” to the feelings of emptiness in “Blue Skies” to lucky number 13, “Alone.” You wonder why someone would write an album that reminds us there is a cold, cold world out there under the California sun? The answer – because they can, and they do it “Hot Damn Well.”   Joseph Timmons/XOMBIEWOOF MAGAZINE

“What would one get if a creative scientist mixed in equal parts of Steely Dan, R&B, and Rock? You would get the SoCal band, Sky King. Together, this dynamic trio has just released their thirteen-song debut album. and what an album it is! “Living The Blues” has a nice Stray Cats vibe to it. Smooth, slinky, and uber cool. This would be THE Boomerocity favorite.”    Randy Patterson/BOOMEROCITY

“If you ‘Can’t See Nothing Good’ then you need to check out Sky King and their debut disc Morose Tales From The Left Coast. This thirteen-track work is by talented trio Walter Morosko, Larry “Fuzzy” Knight (who also produced the record) and Garth Farkas. “Waiting For My Baby” is a gritty blues rock number that is probably even better live.”                                                                         Will Phoenix/L.A. MUSIC EXAMINER

“Blue Skies” has twin lead guitar work ( a la Allman Bros.) and a laid-back pace with flute icing by Jimmy “Z”…an interesting ballad and I think possibly the best radio track on the album. “Late Night Phone Call” opens with Jimmy “Z” on soulful harp and a real nice bass and drums vamp. A very solid mix.”       BMan/BMANS BLUES REPORT

“Sky King will remind many of groups such as Pacific Gas & Electric (and) Tower Of Power, who combine a struttin’ horn section with guitar, bass, and drums. They strive to bring the feel of their live shows into the studio, so listeners can enjoy the music the way it was created. “Morose Tales From The Left Coast” does just that, through the band’s passion for their music and their consummate musicianship. A real barn-burner!”   Don Crow/MOJOWORKINZZ

“Sky King is making music like no one is making it anymore. A great listen.”      Brian Lush/ROCKWIRED RADIO