Hydra the sixth album from Symphonic Metal band Within Temptation

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Hydra the sixth album from Symphonic Metal band Within Temptation


Netherlands symphonic metal band Within Temptation release their sixth full length album on Nuclear Blast records for USA excluding the singles and EP’s. The name Hydra from Greek mythology was a giant two headed serpent whose heads could not be cut off and if they were two more would replace them. This album has a different sound but is WT sound. With four guest vocalist: Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage), Dave Priner (Soul Asylum), Tarja (Ex-Nightwish) and a rapper Xzibit. With three original members: Sharon Den Adel on vocals , guitarist Robert Westerholt, and bassist Jeroen van Veen, and new members: Ruud Jolie (guitar), Stefan Helleblad (guitar), Martijn Spierenburg (keyboards), and Mike Coolen (drums). 

The formats being for sale are a deluxe box set that has: 2CD Media book (premium version including bonus tracks), Double Vinyl Gatefold,Hydra Songbook ,Hydra Instrumental CD, Within Temptation, guitar pick and is packaged in LP size Deluxe Box Set. A 2 cd set with disc 2 two of other artist songs that are of different version within each track. The stand out song is “Let Her Go” by Passenger cover.
The first song disc 1 is: “Let Us Burn” that sets the tone of the for the rest album with Sharon’s power and soothing vocals, double kick drumming, solid guitar playing heard more and the orchestra sound. The song “Dangerous” with guest vocals from Howard Jones gives more power to the song with two different styles of singing it does work giving it harder sound. The first single and video from the album is “Whole World Is Watching” with vocal duet Dave Pirner which is a good up tempo song and good for radio’s different formats (AOR, Rock and Pop) as are all WT’s music. The two ballads are “Edge Of The World” and “Dog Days” with softer sound of Sharon’s vocals and beautiful orchestra compositions. The one song hard to get used to is: “And We Run” with rapper Xzibit just takes the song hard to get used too. The song is good without him or with another singer or just with Sharon. For their reasons to experiment and to step out of their music zone which many music artists do just this song could been added as remix track. Is a good song just another singer would have been better or just without another singer.
Now Sharon and Tarja singing together is just fab on “Paradise (What About Us?) when switching backing forth. As this song was on EP released during the summer of 2013. These two stand on their own for singing with various singers and other bands and music projects. “Silver Moonlight” is heavier song with controlled vocal growls contributed by Robert Westerholt . “Covered By Roses” is guitar sounding and just enough of the orchestra sound blend together that doesn’t overpower each other. The song on how strong a true love relationship can be with recording of little girl’s taking voice.
Overall this another fantastic WT album and Sharon’s singing never disappoint and always soothing. The band’s music composition is on its target again. And can never get of this album and their previous albums and live performances on dvd. Just when US radio (over the air, and satellite) play their music more?
They are now on US Billboard top 200 at # 16, #1 on both the Billboard Top Independent Albums and the Billboard Top Hard Music Albums charts. Hydra is currently #12 on the Overall Digital Albums chart.

Track listing:

Cd 1:
1-Let Us Burn
2-Dangerous (Feat. Howard Jones)
3- And We Run (Feat.Xzibit)
4-Paradise (What About Us?)
5- Edge Of The World
6-Silver Mountain
7-Covered By Roses
8- Dog Days
9- Tell Me Why
10- Whole World Is Watching

11. Radioactive (originally performed by Imagine Dragons)
12. Summertime Sadness (originally performed by Lana del Rey)
13. Let Her Go (originally performed by Passenger)
14. Dirty Dancer (originally performed by Enrique Iglesias)
15. And We Run – evolution track
16. Silver Moonlight – evolution track
17. Covered By Roses – evolution track
18. Tell Me Why – evolution track

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