Tuesday’s Rain Front Person Bob Hargrove

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Tuesday’s  Rain Front Person Bob Hargrove Reflects On Recent NAMM Experience And  Why It’s The Best Time To Be A Songwriter/Musician

Bob Hargrove

Simi Valley-based musician Bob Hargrove, who fronts rock band Tuesday’s Rain, attended the 2014 NAMM Conference. Here is what he experienced in his own words.

“I’ve just returned home from NAMM 2014 and many thoughts come to mind. This is definitely the best time to be a songwriter/musician. Guitar pedals the size of a raisin box, amps the size of a deck of cards, and recording software improvements that give the end user unlimited possibilities to create and express their innermost emotions throughout this realm and beyond! On the flipside of all this technological wizardry lies the crevasse that separates the musician from all his childhood dreams of success, fame, and glory beyond all comprehension. While the tools for creating music soar through the stratosphere, the lonely musician sacrifices his time, money, health, and friendships in search of the next “gig”. I had a chat with a friend of mine who plays in a cover band and we figured he was making roughly $4 per hour to “do his thing” at a local bar before his gas expenses, promotional materials, etc. To top it off, some nights he ended up performing for an angry bartender and cocktail waitress giving him icy stares as if it were his fault for a bad night. Such is the life of the struggling artist.

When people see my shoulder-length long hair they usually ask me if I’m a musician and after replying yes and further discussing the pros and cons of being an artist, they usually get around to asking me “why do you keep going?”. My best and most sincere answer is because I love everything about music. From cleaning the microphone cables and loading the gear, to writing, singing, and playing music. PERIOD. I would be lost if I couldn’t sit behind a console and use all these amazing tools to write the “next best song I ever wrote”. It challenges me. It makes me face my fears. It helps me resolve my emotions good or bad. The feeling I get from “turning on a crowd” is priceless. It’s the experience. For Tuesday’s Rain it’s all about connecting with music lovers everywhere and experiencing something magical. Those are the memories that carry us down the path to old age. Reminiscing about how I did something cool for someone else. Making a difference, setting the tone for an event, raising money for charity, or jamming out around a campfire with other players and strumming away to our favorite classic rock tunes from yesteryear. I was the happiest I ever was when I was twanging away on that old 12 string.

NAMM is like that. A few days to remind myself WHY I got into this crazy business in the first place. To be in the company of fellow musicians who “dress funny, look weird, and express who they really are”. It’s a marriage between musician and manufacturer. A chance to speak with the actual engineers who design and build these awesome high-tech gadgets we musicians just “have to have”. The thrill you get when a music icon like Stevie Wonder walks right past you and gladly takes a moment to pose for a picture with you, or watch your favorite drummer tear it up just a few feet away. And the echoing sounds of millions of notes and beats intertwined within the experience that is NAMM. Thousands of kindred spirits in their element. It’s like being in a musical dream that you could never imagine unless you’ve experienced it firsthand. You have to have achieved some level of success just to get through the door.
Tuesday’s Rain www.tuesdaysrain.com./ https://www.facebook.com/tuesdaysrain / http://www.youtube.com/tuesdayzrain. Catch Tuesday’s Rain live in concert at The Big Rock in Pinon Hills, Saturday, March 8.