Search for the Hidden Gem (2014 – vol#2)

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The Sammus Theory

“Entitled Anonymous”
Style (Rock / Alt)

I’m not familiar with The Sammus Theory’s discography so I have no progression reference but I’m diggin’ their third CD.  Catching my ear immediately is the backbone driving drum beats and the captivating rhythmic energy it possesses.  When I’m kickin’ back at the back bar watching all the floor action from a safe distance these are the type of drum beats I want to feel penetrating through me.  Not to be out done are the guitar rhythms and excellent vocals.  Track 7 “Wasted (No One Wants You Around)” is a fun track for its heavily conducive crowd participation quality.  Conversely though, I am not a fan of uptempo mosh pit high crowd participation songs backed up by slower tempo tunes.  I understand the desire to show diversity but what a buzzkill.  In my ears The Sammus Theory sounds similar to Drowning Pool and Saliva , two bands I dig, so if you’re inclined towards this sound check ‘em out.

Rating 3 (take it easy with the slower tempo songs)


“Lure of Ephemeral Beauty”
Style (experimental / Indie)

A couple reviews ago I thought the high pitched Lillith Faire vocals of Elizabeth Matson from Phavian  was one of the worst I’d ever heard.  I think I’ve found Ms.Matson’s vocal twin in Noemie Sirandre.    Her exceptionally high pitched fairy vibrato style is truly a most stupendously horrific musical massacre of the microphone.  As horrible as Sirandre’s vocals are the positive would be if she and Matson from Phavion combined vocal forces to become the reincarnation of the Mothra Twins to use their vocal chops for mischievous purposes.  Not only would Godzilla never leave the comforts of the Mariana Trench but they could be in possession of one of the world’s most lethal audible crowd dispersers in history.  I’m not sure if beer can be curdled but Sirandre’s vocals alone could skunkify (copyrighted new word) beer kegs so I feel sorry for the beer tents at Lillith Fair.  As for the songs and the musicianship it’s sadly too hard to get around Sirandre’s destructive vocals to see the forest through the giant tree.

Rating 0 (classify this under the WTF music category)


“Up From the Ashes”
Style (Rock / Alternative)

The underlying theme for this entire CD is Groundhog Day repetitiveness.  Vocally there’s a heavy Soundgarden Chris Cornell style influence.  This isn’t a bad thing but unfortunately Joe Schladraff lacks the vocal chops of Cornell and his Groundhog Day repetitiveness with which he delivers his one vocal octave gets damn annoying very quickly.  I feel the raunchy guttural guitar sound (and guitar solos) along with the thick drum beat are the best qualities however the songs as a whole exhibit their own  Groundhog Day repetitiveness making it tough to differentiate from one song to the next.  More song writing experimentation is needed to figure out where to add tempo changes to get these tracks out of the rut they’re currently stuck in.

Rating 2