Search for the Hidden Gem (2014 – vol#1)

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With Seattle and Denver in the Super Bowl I have to wonder want what bong parlays will be in play for the big game.


Style (Mariachi / Parody)

Although I find the “metal” song selection rather lacking of metal (Bon Jovi is far from metal) I’m gonna give this a go, much to the chagrin of some family members I subjected this CD too.  Personally I tend to favor more traditional mariachi when I come across it at my favorite cantina’s but if I’m tossing back Crap Ass Cuervo at El Squid Roe in Cabo I’m definitely into some Metalachi.  I think it’s safe to say we’ve all heard enough “La Bamba.”  In its place I’d like to recommend mariachi “Crazy Train” and “Run To The Hills” played by a mariachi band with members dressed like mutant off spring of GWAR, Judas Priest, and Van Halen.

Rating 1 ½ (“Living on a Prayer” should be dumped in the desert and never discussed again)

Hawthorne Heights

Style (Rock / Alternative)

Ok I heard it and that’s really about how much it affected me.  If you’re jonesen for something to fill the My Chemical Romance void this may offer some relief.   Hawthorne Heights has a similar MCR song writing style, harmonies and tempo.  Songs however in my ears are lacking MCR’s song personality.  There are a couple songs with commercial appeal but also too many tracks going through the motions to fill up kilobyte space.

Rating 1 ½

Miracle Sun

Style (Rock / Alternative)

Since these dudes are out of Sweden I find the band name quite ironic since for six months out of the year Sweden is lucky to have sunshine for a few hours.  Though there are only 8 tracks on the CD it’s also a “miracle” I played this CD start to finish.  Singer knows only one pitch and one method of yelling his vocals and he’s not afraid to exploit it.  Then again I’d be pissed off too if I didn’t get much sunshine either.

Rating 1 (darkness makes a person do strange things)

Fire Tiger

Style (pop)

A month into 2014 and I’ve come across a band peddling a brand of music I’d categorize as bad 80’s movie soundtrack.  Playing through the disc I can’t help but image the city in ruins and burning, the hero, his face perfectly scratched and bleeding (hair perfect), telling his sergeant and his girl he knows who he is and where he’s going – “I’ll catch ya on the other side…” (camera pull back to the sun dripping like scalding lava majestically into the pacific ocean).  The hero, his white t-shirt sweat stained (wrinkled ever so slightly) and his Ed Hardy jeans perfectly ripped, looking straight ahead walks off down the beach towards the sunset; Rascal the dog by his side.  Holy crap I think I just wrote the next B movie clunker ending and Fire Tiger is the soundtrack.

Rating 1 (this is definitely not Kansas Dorothy)