IV MONUMENT by Sideburn

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Swedish based rock juggernauts Sideburn unleash their fourth album, ‘IV Monument’. The new album finds the band mixing a very potent retro hard rock sound that will appeal to both fans of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath as well as modern rock bands like Soundgarden and Wolfmother. The band is made up of, Jani Kataja on lead vocals, guitar,  Morgan Zocek on guitar, backing vocals Martin Karlsson on bass, organ, background vocals and Fredrik Haake on drums, percussion. Hooks: a musical idea or short riff, passage, or phrase that catches the ear of the listener. Some bands have `em, most don’t. I’m hear to let you know Sideburn have `em in spades! Whether it’s an extended blues jam or a short slice of bombastic heavy rock, Sideburn lay down hooks so tasty that everyone wants to take a bite!  Their sound heralds back to early 70’s kraut and psych-rock with a modern twist. There are some really dynamite songs on ‘IV Monument’, the opening sledgehammer, “Diamonds” sets the tone of the mind shattering listening experience that awaits.

“Fire And Water (not the Free classic) and “Tomorrow’s Dream” are just as killer. “Silverwing” with it’s Zepplish vibe and “Bring Down The Rain” are other winners in my book. The band definitely save the best for last with album closer, “Monument”. Simply epic! Fantastic vocals from Jani Kataja whose vocals are a throwback to the very best days of rock music (past, present and future). And I have to say Martin Karlsson’s bass is groovy and full of soul, and is so nice to hear prominently. So much bass work is lost and drown out in so many bands but definitely not here.  Morgan Zocek’ s guitar work is  amazing and completely right up my alley, and compliments Jani Kataja’s voice perfectly. While Fredrik Haake’s thunderous drums lead the band along on each and every song. What an outstanding effort. I can listen to ‘IV Monument’ over and over again and it would kick my butt
better every time. SIDEBURN are simply BADASS!

Highly Recommended