Halfway To Hell

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HALFWAY TO HELL, EP by Lynam (New Ocean Media)


‘Halfway To Hell’, the latest release from Birmingham, Alabama rockers, Lynam is a six song EP that combines a driving rock beat with lyrically driven melodies that together produce some truly entertaining and compelling music. Lynam consists of Jacob Bunton (lead vocals, guitar), David Lynam (drums), Mark Dzier (bass), and Lonny Paul (guitar). The energy and talent of frontman Jacob Lynam, the chemistry between the band members is tight as a glove and helps drive the band’s rock solid sound. All six songs are top notched, great guitar and the songs have nice hooks. From the opening, “Rise Up” to “Wrong Side Of The Grave”, the songs have enough crunch to rock you and the hooks stick in your head. Lynam is one of the best of rock bands to come onto the music scene. ‘Halfway To Hell’ begs to be cranked up to the max! It will put your speakers to the test.  It will get the ladies dancing, the gents rocking, and everyone reaching for another drink and having a good time. The bottom line is that it’s impossible to play this and not have a good time. Once it starts, you will rock out! What more can you ask for?

Highly Recommended