Celts at Santa Clarita Performing Arts Theater

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A warm day and cool night at Southern California from music and dancing of the Celts at Santa Clarita Performing Arts Theater



This month and early in the year is unusually warm and dry though was a cool night at the Performing Arts Theater.

The Highland or Celtic dancing is another way to express their communication. The Celtic people and their stories and art (music, drawings, hand weaving) goes back thousands of years and is very influential to this day. Above the stage video screen of images Ireland, Jets, an eagle and voyage ship on the ocean that tell stories of the Irish and others from Ireland to the US as Annie Moore being a teenager putting her name first at Ellis Island for the song “Isle Hope,
CeltsIsle of Tears”. There is also song about mash potatoes and one called the “The Triangle” about a boy and father’s relationship. The group connects with the audience for humor and participation with the male fiddle sitting on the front stage joking with them. And one of the male singers sitting in the front row during “Galway Bay” then gets up running and singing around the venue. Over all is fun show and after the show there is a M&G. And for those with Celtic (Irish and Scottish) lineage to keep them connected.eater at Valencia, California for two hours of music and dance of Celtic Nights. The group has been around for three years and has toured the US and first to time to the west coast is smaller version mix that of River dance and Celtic woman without a band and Orchestra. The music is traditional with music over the PA, with male and female singers. The songs are familiar such as: “Caledonia”, “The Parting Glass”, “Galway Bay” and a song from U2, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.